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Telenor Internet Packages 2021 – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Telenor Cheap Internet Packages 2021 – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Telenor is a major charge network of Pakistan which is also present in many different countries of the world. When it comes to internet packages, they are very cheap and fast. Here we will give you some information about Telenor internet packages and their price and codes for activating them.

Telenor has provided all kinds of packages to its customers i.e. If a user wants a cheap internet package in less MB than he can create and activate it himself. At the same time, Telenor has introduced cheap internet packages. Of these, Telenor has a daily internet package, which allows the user to enjoy four G internet for Rs 18 a day by receiving twelve hundred MB.

Telenor also offers us monthly and weekly internet packages with different prices and data. If you want to activate Telenor's weekly internet package, you can activate custom packages by visiting the Telenor app.

Telenor Din Raat Offer 2021

Telenor has introduced the Din Raat offer which provides to its users 1500MB of data in just Rs.18+Tax PKR. This package will work daily from 12 am to 12 pm it means users can enjoy the internet half day and half night. 

How to activate this offer?

To activate the Din Raat offer simply dial *150# or use My Telenor App. The user will need a Balance of Rs.18 PKR in his/her Telenor SIM. To check the remaining dial *999#.

Telenor All day Offer

With Telenor, all-day internet offer users can avail of 750MB from 1 am to 7 pm daily. This will cost Rs.12 +Tax and the user can activate this offer using the My Telenor app and also can dial *10#.

Telenor Din Bhar Offer

This offer provides 1200MB for 1 day which can be used on Telenor 3G and 4G sims from 6 am to 6 pm daily. This offer also will cost Rs.18 PKR and users can activate this offer by dialling *345*139#. 

Telenor Weekly Internet packages

Telenor has different types of Weekly packages for the Internet. When Telenor was bought 4G in Pakistan then its internet packages were very expensive and users cannot activate these packages so, Telenor offers internet to all new 4G SIM users. In starting Telenor Introduced 10GB internet package which was the cost of Rs.75 only for 1 week/

Here are some weekly internet packages for Telenor

Telenor Weekly Budget Package

Telenor budget package was introduced in 2018 and from this package, users can get 4000MB data for 7 days. 2000MB can be used anytime and other 2000MB can only be used from 1 am to 11 am. Users can activate this offer by dialling *288#. It will cost about Rs. 99 PKR per week.

Telenor 4G weekly Ultra Offer

This offer provides 7GB of data and 1GB of data for the Goonj app. It can be subscribed to Rs.175 PKR. To activate Telenor 4G weekly Ultra offer simply dial *336#.

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor monthly internet packages are very cheap and any user can activate these packages at a cheap price. I am providing here a list of some monthly internet package with activation codes.

Telenor 4G Monthly Plus Bundle offer

In this offer, all Telenor customers can get 10,000MB for 30 days in Rs.896 PKR. To activate this offer simply dial *345*136#. This offer can be used for 24 hours in 30 days. Users can check the remaining MBs by dialling *999#.

Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Offer

This offer allowed us to get 20GB data for 30 days in Rs.450 PKR. It is the cheapest internet package for Telenor but 10GB data can be used from 12 am to 8 am. To activate this offer dial *335#. Users also can use the My Telenor app and Easypaisa app to activate this offer.

These were some Telenor Internet packages that were introduced by Telenor's official site. All packages' Data Resources, MBs, Minutes and SMS and its Prices can be changed by time. Telenor can change the offer subject anytime.

Users can use My Telenor App to activate internet packages and the All-in-one offer can be activated through the Easypaisa account. If someone wants to check the remaining MBs he/she can dial *999# from its Telenor SIM. We will try to keep update this post when in Packages will change.

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