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Whatsapp real girls number list for friendship and marriage 2021 update

Beautiful Cute Girls Mobile and Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship - Hello friends how are you I hope you are all fine so today post I want to tell you about girls Whatsapp mobile numbers and her lifestyle. I have brought a new post of girls numbers for all of you in which today I will tell you all the things that you can make friends with any girl. The first question is if you are single and if you want to be friends with a girl from any country then you have come to the right place because nowadays every boy and girl is single and boys need girls for friends with whom they can talk their heart out all the time.

Beautiful Cute Girls Mobile and Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship

We are writing this post keeping in mind what kind of boys girls like and what kind of girls boys like because we don't want to give you the number of a girl who isn't your type and we don't want to give you the number of the wrong guy who will ruin your life. Not all boys and girls in the world are the same as some country girls are lovely and sincere, and some are from a country that only knows how to boys so are passing the time. Dating girls contact number for friendship. There are all kinds of girls in the world. You can have friends and get married for if you want because girls are always looking for good guys to support their lives.

WhatsApp numbers of the beautiful single girls

I'm going to talk about the WhatsApp numbers of beautiful and single girls and their pictures that you can make friends by looking at. Some people demand that a girl should be beautiful as well as literate because it means that if such a girl is found, the rest of her life is settled. Girl number for Whatsapp chat. Some people like dating type girls as if they are a very open-minded girl and do fashion then such girls are mostly liked by rich people, and they think if such a girl gets married, then people will appreciate us and of the wife.

Some girls have very deep thinking and they don't even think of getting married anywhere without their family but there are some girls who get married just for money. The most important thing is that some people work very hard in life to get married to girls but they do not get much success and they start looking for WhatsApp numbers of girls on Facebook and Instagram. The most important thing is that if you take a relationship home to any girl, you should have the ability to tell the girl's family that you are perfect for their daughter if you do not have the ability then don't go for less than your full potential.

Boys are quick to date girls if girls are asked the same thing, more girls than boys will want to give their number to a boy who wants to date. Because girls are more in the habit of being romantic than boys and they always think that I wish there was a boy who could go on a date with us but that is not always possible. Because boys still go out of the house with an excuse but it is very difficult for girls to go on a date with a boy especially in Pakistan because in Islamic countries it is considered haraam. The most important reason for this is that unmarried girl and boy meeting are considered such a sin and we are against it but there are some countries where the relationship between a girl and a boy before marriage is considered goes better.

Marriage has a very important place in Islam and it is considered a pure relationship whether it is India or Pakistan or any European and American country but an illicit relationship between a boy and a girl before marriage cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Girls number search for Whatsapp friendship 2021. If you are a Muslim and want to get a halal Nikah while living in Dubai, you can contact us and marry the girl of your choice. If you belong to any religion whether you are Hindu or Muslim, Christian, Jew of any nation and race and live in Dubai or any other country and want to marry a beautiful girl then contact us Make friends with the girl of your choice. Dubai girls number for friendship marriage.

Girls Mobile Number List Online Images

We will not give you the WhatsApp number of any girl as it is against Google's policy and If you want any girl's number, write the code of this number and tell us in the comment you will have sent this girl number. thank you.


👉 First Name:               Amaira
👉 Country:                    Pakistan
👉 Age:                          24 Years
👉 Religion:                   Islam
👉 WhatsApp Number: +923064511+++

More:-  My name is Amaira and I am from Lahore, Pakistan and I am looking for a handsome young man with whom I can share my life. I have 2 sisters in my house and a younger brother. My family is looking for a relationship for me. If anyone wants to marry me, he must share his number in the comments. Thank you.


👉 First Name:              Ava
👉 Country:                   South Africa
👉 Age:                         24 Years
👉 Status:                     Single
👉 Whatsapp Number: +27 67 738+++

More:- Hy my name is ava from south Africa I need a good lover and I want to marry. I am from a poor house but I have an educated girl if someone accepts me sincerely I would definitely like to marry her thank you.


👉 First Name:    Amelia
👉 Country:         South Africa
👉 Age:               21 Years
👉 Status:           Engage
👉 Number:        +27 82 6686+++

More:- How are you all my name is Amelia and I belong to a nice house if any cute boy wants to date me he should comment his number with my name I will contact you myself.


👉 First Name: Luna
👉 Age: 30 Years
👉 Country: Oman
👉 Status: Widow
👉 Contact Number: +968 9925 8+++

More:- My name is luna and I live in Oman my husband is separated from me now I am alone if any boy or man wants to marry me please comment your number with my name thank you.


👉 First Name: Fatima
👉 Age: 27 Years
👉 Country: Iran
👉 Status: Single
👉 Religion: Shia
👉 Whatsapp Number: +98 992 546 7+++

More:-  How are you my dear friends my name is Fatima and I live in Iran and I am a doctor I am looking for a handsome boy who will marry me and keep me forever. If anyone is there please contact me Thank you.


👉 First Name: Nora
👉 Country: America
👉 Age: 22 Years
👉 Status: Single
👉 Religion: Christian
👉 Whatsapp Number: +1 (681)235-4+++

More:- Hi my name is Nora and I live in the USA and I am a student I am looking for a nice and handsome guy who can be my friend and love me if anyone wants to do so, write your number in the comment and send it.

World Most Beautiful Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers List Now In 2021:

We will now give you the list of WhatsApp numbers of the most beautiful girls from all over the world in 2021. Because we try to give you the numbers of the real girls and women you can talk to and marry.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number For Friendship Marriage

  • Saanvi:-    +91 6200 303 +++
  • Maryam:-  +91 81297 34+++
  • Diya:-        +91 85298 40+++
  • Navya:-     +91 96225 74+++

Pakistani Girls New Whatsapp Mobile Number For Friendship

  • Laiba:-        +92 300 7715+++
  • Kiran:-        +92 301 2216+++
  • Sumaira:-   +92 303 6521+++
  • Bisma:-      +92 304 5511+++
  • Rabia:-       +92 310 6919+++
  • Sania:-       +92 315 5387+++
  • Bushra:-     +92 316 6704+++
  • Sana:-        +92 321 2662+++
  • Mehwish:-  +92 343 4751+++
  • Sidra:-        +92 344 1373+++
  • Mehak:-      +92 334 6040+++
If you find any of these numbers useful, you must message us and email us for any problems so that we can resolve your issue quickly.

Read Must:- We do not have any personal contact with these numbers. We will not be responsible for your contact with these numbers and any troubles. Don't be responsible, thank you.
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