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The UK - London Visa From Pakistan 2021 | UK Visa Requirement and Document For Indian & Pakistani:

Do you want to go to the UK on a visit visa? If you want to go and your visa does not work, we will share everything with you in today's post. If you want to go to London on a study visa and your visa does not fit, we will guide you through the visa process. The most important thing to get a visa for any country in the world is your documents and the most important thing is your travel history. There are over a million Pakistanis living within the UK, and also the relatives in Pakistan want to visit them also.

A visa to England is not easy to get because it is the most beautiful place in the world and people from all over the world come to visit. One of the most important things to do to get the UK to visit visa is to have your job letter if you work and if you are a businessman you must have business documents.

UK visit visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport Holders:

If you're visiting the united kingdom on a visit visa or business visa in 2021 and searching forward to getting information about the united kingdom visa requirements and application process, UK visa fees, documents requirements and time interval than you're at the proper place. the entire process is given below. The biometric is required for all candidates, and extra charges will be paid by the candidate for the biometric and visa preparing by UK Visa Application Center.

The visa process is completed online, means you've got to fill the forms online and provide the supporting documents face to face at the united kingdom Visa Application centre Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad.

UK Tourist Visa From Pakistan Requirements:

  • Visit the united kingdom government website for visas and immigration in Pakistan and apply for a visa online at AccessUK.
  • Evidence of the utilization and every one income stated on the appliance form. like letter from employer / payslips / tax returns / business registration documents / business checking account statements.
  • Evidence of assets like property or land.
  • Evidence of ability to satisfy costs of the trip, as stated on the application form Evidence of qualifications obtained.
  • Evidence of the monthly income stated on the appliance form | Bank statements | bank books/bank letter/balance certificate/tax returns etc.
  • Evidence of being in education.
  • Evidence of arrangements made. like tour details/flight details/letter of
  • invitation letter/evidence of sponsors letter and immigration status in the UK.
  • Evidence of UK accommodation and travel details like hotel booking confirmation/travel booking confirmation.
  • Letter of your employment, which should include your salary, position, date hired, and therefore the approved leaves dates should be mentioned clearly.
  • Original passport with a minimum of six months validity and must have one blank page.
  • Copies of all old/expired passports.
  • 1 photocopy of the front page of the present passport,
  • Photo Copy of Nadra issued CNIC,
  • 2 current photos, less than 6-month-old as per UKBA standards,
  • Evidence of your legal status, like marriage certificate.
  • Evidence of relations remaining in your home country whilst you travel.
  • Children under the age of 16 who are travelling alone must provide the consent of both parents. If there's a minor with the topic of the custody order, evidence of custody and therefore the other parent's consent must even be provided. If just one parent is travelling with a minor child, a letter of consent from the opposite parent allowing the kid to travel is required.
  • Nadra Marriage form in English just in case of travelling with wife or husband.
  • Bank Statement of the last 6 months.
  • Copy of (B) form-Nadra- computerized.
  • Air ticket reservation and Hotel Reservation.
  • If you've got a letter of invitation from a sponsor, then the subsequent documents are required alongside it/ Copy of Passport of the sponsor, the financial statement of the sponsor of the last 6 months.

Uk Visit Visa Fee For Pakistani and Indian:

The fee for the UK visit visa is only £93 and the visa you get for a visit to England is valid for only 6 months. All the information that is being given to you in this post is being passed on to you legally so that you can avoid any hassle and agent fraud.

UK Visa Important Information For Pakistan and Indian Citizens:

If you've got some property or land than submit its documents also. In case you're remaining at somebody's home than notice what rate rooms they need in their home, the visa advocates check the convenience genuinely, and if the support doesn't have enough space or bedrooms to stay you or your family than your visa is going to be rejected.

The visa rejection rate for the united kingdom from Pakistan is extremely high. Provide as many documents as possible to convenience the visa counsellor that you simply are going for a visit and will return back on time. The more ties to Pakistan you'll show, the more it'll be easier for you to induce the visa.

Its recommended that you simply book hotels online from any big site like Booking.com, Agoda etc, and fasten the booking confirmations alongside the applications. you'll cancel the bookings if your visa is rejected. If you're paying taxes to FBR in Pakistan than submit your tax returns of the present year and several other earlier years, but confirm the income you mention in your forms should match the income you've got shown in your tax returns.
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