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Real Daraoni Kahaniyan in Hindi & Urdu | New Horror Hindi Story 2021:

It was very common for me to be home alone at night because I lived alone with my father and his shifts shifted from day tonight. This happened at a time when my father was shifting at night. I really can't sleep Watching movies at night often takes me an extended time to go to bed so after turning off the TV to sleep I probably put it there for an honest half hour then I put one in my toy closet Heard the toy.

Nothing suspicious but still he broke in and then knocked on my closet door again until I opened the door hidden under my cover until it was making a sound, absolutely weird. There was an honest two-minute silence so I finally peeked my head out. Outside the enclosure, a bed was standing beside me looking down. I screamed at the top of my lungs and started hugging the wall behind me. When the figure looked out of the window, it was just that. Went out of place for which I remained in this position. An hour before the check, if he had actually gone out, the front door was open so that it looked as if he had gone. You didn't get a moment's sleep that night.

Lonely night in the cemetery house:

This story is from the angle of a 15-year-old girl. I had a boy at the outside door who was affected by me. Her name was Sarah. Whenever I'm going out of Sara, she comes out. I was watching for him through the windows. He was 15 years old and really strange and he didn't seem to possess any friends because he was always reception. I attempted my best to form sure that I didn't like this boy, but he won't get the message so I finally had to inform him at some point that I do not like him and leaving me alone on his face that day are some things that will not leave me like this angry look there's a tough kid who gives his parents a toy when their 15 years old can't come, so it's extremely annoying one night once I was working on a school project to ascertain this house. My parents left me once I felt my bed shift a touch, I looked under my bed. 

As soon as I screamed I saw Sara lying under my bed once I ran away. When he tried to crawl under my bed I ran to his hook. a minimum of ten times he rang the bell to inform his parents about it and when he opened the door Sara never came out of my house so I called the police his parents didn't inquire from me but I ignored him. The police still found him in my room and apparently arrested him. He admitted that this wasn't the primary time he had hidden me under my bed. he's the foremost disturbing of the photographs spread in my room. I used to be asleep and it had been taken from inside my room.

Horror Night Story Alone in Home Terrible Night:

working the night shift or we sucked I work in a building and would constantly do the night shifts since it had been the only time it might total on behalf of me I used to be almost always the only person on the ground I worked on possibly in the whole building it might always be a sort of eerie feeling to being in such an enormous building with most of the lights out and absolutely nobody around but on the upside, it had been peaceful and less stressful then I used to be ready to get a lot of work done there was this one night though it had been a Friday night around 2:00 within the morning I was typing away on my keyboard once I heard a noise from outside my cubicle it seemed like just a random crack from the walls or something it's unusual during this building but I didn't get too concerned about it.

I resumed typing away and was once more interrupted by a sound this point the sound of a computer beginning he caught me off guard I used to be sure nobody else was working the night shift I stood abreast of my chair to induce a view over the cubicle walls the glare of a monitor in the dark was visible during a cubicle on the other side of the space then I did something stupid something I regret I asked if there was anybody there and a yell hoping to get a solution from a fellow employee but instead I saw the glaring light of the pc monitor across space close up and there was once more nothing but darkness on its side of the area.

I started getting nervous I turned off the lamp and display screen so I would not expose my position to whoever that was I crouched down and tiptoed out across to a close-by cubicle it had been just utter silence I sat expecting something to happen for god knows how long but I finally decided the coast was clear I tiptoed down past all the cubicles until I reached the opening near the gate to the steps and elevators and that is after I realized that my fearful suspicion was true there was a person crouched down behind the plants in the corner of the space wearing all black I assumed my heart sink as I noticed him but it didn't look like he knew that I noticed him I turned back to the stairway door.

There was no way I was getting to expect the elevator and take any opportunity I casually opened the door and closed it behind me proceeding to run down the stairs after making it down about two flights of stairs I heard the door above me push open aggressively followed by manic echoing footsteps coming fast down the stairs I raced down the steps running as fast as I could all while the footsteps above me were getting louder.

I finally made it to the first floor raced through the lobby and out the front entrance whoever was in there didn't follow me I immediately called the cops alongside one among my bosses my boss said nobody was scheduled to figure apart from me the cops scanned the place from top to bottom there was nobody in there I could not help them out with any description other than he was wearing all black I did still do the night shift for a few weeks than with my boss allowing me to lock all possible entrances to the ground including the elevators but I still wasn't comfortable with it so ever since I have been doing the day shifts.
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