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True Hindi Horror Stories | Real Horror Kahaniyan Urdu & Hindi with Translator:

whole night spend a dead body scary horror story

I was a little girl my parents took me to visit my grandmother and she lived in a village in the countryside. Her bungalow was little and there was just a single room my grandma rested in one bed my folks slept in the other and I needed to rest on certain pads on the floor.

We stayed there for a few weeks and I was troubled by terrible nightmares every night I would wake up screaming, my parents tried to calm me down and ask I am what wasn't right everything I could let them know was that there was a man coming to get me I can at present recollect the reason for my fear each night. After some, I saw a shadowy figure rise up out of in the background toward the edge of the room. He was a pitch-black man all I could make out was his silhouette he was tall and he was hairy I would watch in horror as he came crawling towards me with a sickening slowness.

He came up to me and he whispered something in my ear and just as I was about to scream he would place a finger against. His lips and whisper he tortured me every night to the point, where I dreaded going to sleep as time went on. He started to show up around evening time as well as during the very first moment evening we were all sitting in front of the television in the parlour and eventually I happened to look to one side the blind gradually stepped back and I saw the man remaining there.

Staring silently at me he raised his hand put his finger to his lips and whispered shush I let out a horrified scream and immediately told my mother. Then what I had seen she got up and headed toward the blinds pulling them to and fro giving me that there was nothing there except for obviously by at that point. He had already disappeared when the holiday was over we went back to our apartment in the city and the nightmare stopped after that my grandmother would always come to visit us. 

So we never went to her cottage on a vacation again as time went on I stopped thinking about the man and eventually forgot about them all together one summer when I was 12 years old and my little brother was 6 years old. Then we went to remain with my lovely grandma once more, my mom and dad were in the kitchen having some tea with my grandma they requested that I get my beloved brother ready for bed then I was preparing a mattress on the floor for both of us to sleep.

My lovely younger bro was sitting on one of the beds I saw that he was as a rule typically calm when I looked into when I saw that he was staring new at something that's wrong I asked then suddenly he jerked his head around and looked at me his eyes wide with fear he looked at me pointing at the curtains the guy is remaining there obviously my sibling and I went through the late evening dozing in the kitchen and we never went to visit my grandma's bungalow again.

Suchi Kahaniya | Bhoot Kahani | Hindi Bhoot Kahani |True Village Horror Night Stories:

I hosted a sleepover with two of my friends John and me. He was crazy and jumpy but John was always the confident one anyway. We met up around 2 p.m. and set up a tent in my back garden, it was a pretty nice one you naughty carpet in a cosy place to hang out in. Now we set it up close to the back door and which at the time was old and decaying and when remaining close to it.

The average adult stood two feet over it we all went to trick-or-treating after we set everything up it was around 9 by banana, we met up with some other friends and generally had a really good time. We went back home around 11 p.m. and with the amazing weather being kind, it was dry all evening and thankfully the neighbourhood was pretty nice. It was extremely quiet that night cooked marshmallows and played truth or dare at that point. At last set down to rest when it was totally dark out the pixie lights in the nursery scarcely lit up anything. 

So it didn't bother as much out of nowhere in the middle of the night something woke us up it was a creaking sound coming from the back gate. She asked in a frightened tone just as she said that we heard a cough coming from someone outside, we were full alert john covered xx mouth in the case and she was going to scream as we listened to the silent. The today around evening time and when the profound guttural voice came we nearly leapt out of our skins you kids need some sweets a raspy voice called to us, it seemed like an elderly person somebody who had smoked an excessive amount of in the course of their life the shaking originated from the entryway once more. I know the boys called out tears formed in xx eyes I couldn't move it was like my 14-year-old self was paralyzed scar that looked at me and nodded. 

She showed me her fingers and counted down that was when we were going to run when she hit one we all made a mad dash back inside the house. I am shocked I never remove that picture from my brain when I pivoted remaining at my bed, I saw the man he had dim long hair his whiskers were tangled and sickening and he had the most terrible look all over it resembled unadulterated beast evil.
He looked hungry but not as a person but more like a starving predator as if he wanted to harm us that very moment the bolt on the gate luckily was across and as he tried he couldn't get in but behind those bars on top of my gate, I saw something gleaming in his hand he put your knife there was no mistaking it. I gagged in fear as I saw it and as we made it to the back door he turned the key would run-up to my mother's room.

She ushered us inside locked her door and called the 999 which is our 911 I didn't hear knocking on my front door he must have gone around to it. I contemplated internally the thumping before long turned of a friend and I heard the very old person cussing from simply outside when she heard the quietness she got off the telephone then I heard a solitary revile originating from a man before he stormed off his strides vanished into the separation. When we heard a police car pulled up I never saw him before they never caught him they didn't find him even after we gave our statements that quickly ruled and we all slept in the living room after that or rather we pretended to sleep.
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