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The Top Best Governed Countries In the World Update List (2021) | List of Top INTERNATION RANKINGS by Country:

The differences between countries and how effectively they have or have not handled the crisis the pandemic has further cemented governments that have strong leaders at the hull and those that don't even before COVID-19 certain governments have led the way in their leadership transparency desire to implement social economic and scientific progress and serving all citizens, not just the elite. In no particular order, here are 10 of the best performing governments in the world.

01. Pakistan:

I put Pakistan at the top of this list because the number of corona in Pakistan is running out and the number is increasing all over the world. And now Pakistan's economy is at the top of the world and the biggest reason is that Pakistan has overcome this epidemic by working on time. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed Pakistan as one of seven countries that have been cited as role models for future global epidemics. In a briefing to the World Economic Forum, the head of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adahanum, cited seven countries from which the world could learn to cope with the global epidemic. These countries include Pakistan, Italy, Thailand, Mongolia, Mauritius and Uruguay.

At present, Pakistan's GDP is many times better than India and other developed countries. According to figures released by the NCOC, 426 new cases and nine deaths have been reported across the country in the last 24 hours. After which the total number of cases across the country has reached 299,659 and the total number of deaths has reached 6,359. According to the NCOC, 286,506 people have recovered from Corona so far. In the last 24 hours, 22,803 tests have been done on Corona, but the number of enterococci cases across the country has come down to 6,794.

02. Austria:

We can thank Austria for postcards Swarovski crystals and the collectable sweet tubes are known as this German-speaking country also has received accolades for having a government that performs very well. The current president is alexander van der Bellen and Austria is a democratic republic the Austrian constitution states that all citizens enjoy fundamental rights and are equal before the law no one may be discriminated against or religion Austria's economic freedom score is higher than the regional and world average scoring particularly high in property rights judicial effectiveness government integrity and fiscal health and elixirs Vienna the capital of Austria regularly tops the list of having the highest quality of life in the world.

03. Ireland:

It's not just the luck of the Irish that sees them featured on this list the Irish government works damn hard to ensure they run as effectively and efficiently as possible. This parliamentary democracy has a president voted in by the public who leads for seven years under the council of parliament referred to as Iraqis Ireland's economic freedom score is 80.9 per cent and GDP growth has been phenomenal over the past few years. Areas that really pushed Ireland up the rankings included property rights government integrity trade freedom labour freedom and fiscal health current president Michael daniel Higgins has addressed issues of social inequality social inclusion anti-sectarianism anti-racism and reconciliation oh and a little fun fact the o in Irish surnames actually stands for the grandson of.

04. Australia:

Famous author bill Bryson wrote a book about Australia called down under in it. There's coffee on every corner life doesn't get much better than this we feel we hardly need to expand because Bryson is a man of his word be sure to listen to his book on audible suffice it to say. It's a well-run country and kudos to prime minister Scott Morrison as currently, government integrity scores 89.3 on the economic freedom score and Australia has one of the most transparent and efficiently regulated environments in the world.

05. Iceland:

The world's oldest assembly democracy the al thinking or parliament was established in 1930. The current president is Guindy Johannesson who was re-elected in 2020 with 92.9 of the votes aside from gaining a lot of international attention in for saying that pineapple should be banned on pizza. The president a former history professor believes a head of state is to be a unifying force positive and inspiring as mentioned in an address at the University of Helsinki, he is all of that and more but Iceland is currently struggling a little bit economically 2019. Saw a poor fishing season and the bankruptcy of wow air the country's low-cost carrier and of course Covid-19. However, under the leadership of Johannesson Iceland, will no doubt come through even stronger.

06. Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is doing something right this little tax haven scores high on the governance index exceeds expectations for personal freedom and health and has the highest nominal GDP per capita to find out some more about. Why Luxembourg is so rich? Luxembourg is the head of state and the country has been a grand duchy since 1815. a grand duchy is a state or territory ruled by a grand duke or duchess and currently, the man in question is already grand duke of Luxembourg the world happiness report affirms that those living in. Luxembourg was pretty happy and that's because the country spends about one-third of its revenue on health care and social services maternity leave has been increased citizens can take leave for personal reasons and corruption is rare now moving on to our next destination.

07. United Kingdom:

We understand that currently, it might look like the UK is in a state of disarray but underneath it, all something is working the government of the Uk is called her majesty's government and also is one of the oldest in the world. The government is led by Boris johnson ministers that he gets to choose and then a cabinet according to the UK has performed better in government integrity and physical health, and the economy continues to slowly climb. There is some uncertainty now with Brexit COVID and the divisive character of their current pm Boris johnson. However, the UK always manages to work through their issues so do what the brits do make a cup of tea and wait for the problems to just disappear.

08. Germany:

It's famous for castles beer and sausages welcome to Germany we go into more depth about Germany. The current president took some time out from politics in 2010 to donate a kidney to his ill wife which says a lot about his character. He became president in 2017 and Germany is high ranking in economic quality and environment some pros of this sufficient government include a low employment rate. A firm stance on climate change and rare cases of public corruption and prosecution and punishing those that do we'll drink to that post.

09. Canada:

We put Canada at number 9 on this list because the Corona epidemic is so widespread in Canada at the moment. Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world and my own favourite place in Canada and Canada has the most powerful GDP in the world. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all of mankind Canada is a great place to live and work and always scores high on overall sustainability economic and cultural influence entrepreneurship and quality of life. The current pm Justin Trudeau is building a Covid-19 recovery plan, he hopes will quote change the future.

10. Denmark:

9-hour drive away from Luxembourg takes us to a well-governed spot and that is Denmark here. Government is meaning the people's thing, it may be true that Denmark provides no inspiration for memes, but what do they care. They've got education a renowned health care system and are ranked some of the happiest people in the world. Denmark is a nation-state and politics takes place under a large umbrella a parliamentary representative democracy a constitutional monarchy and a decentralized unitary state. Where queen Martha ii is currently head of state, the reason is that since 1909 not a single party has accumulated enough votes to rule on its own so multiple parties formed a ruling coalition which seems to work quite well. One rule you might not like about the government is they have put together a list of around 7,000 names. If you choose a name for your baby that's not on the list you won't be able to call your child that the naming law is there to protect the child.

11. Sweden 

Sweden has been in the press a lot lately with their unique way in which they dealt with COVID-19 and that unique way was not to deal with. It at all this method has seen citizens confidence in the government's ability wane but despite that, it's still one of the best performing governments in the world right now. Sweden has a parliamentary democracy and the Swedish government guarantees the right to obtain information the right to practice any religion. The right to form political parties and the right to freely hold demonstrations the freedom of the press act means that anybody can access official documents making the government extremely transparent. The current prime minister of Sweden is Stefan coffin his government saw 2 growth in GDP low inflation and saw unemployment fall from 7.9 to 6.3 per cent let's go dutch next shall we.

12. Switzerland:

Switzerland's economic independence score is 82.0 and it has gained so much prestige in the Swiss parliament by rising to the top in the areas of property rights and governmental integrity that it has a two-chamber national. There are a council and a council of states and they have the power to legislate and the office of president revolves around these seven. Each year there is a councillor and current incumbent, Simon, who recently made the official opening of the Scenario Tunnel, which connects northern Europe to the Mediterranean and will reduce carbon and increase cargo. This was our list of the best performing countries and if you liked this list, be sure to share it with your friends. Thank you.
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