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Full Hindi & Urdu True Horror Stories | Indian | Pakistani | New Village Horror Scary Stories With Translator:

1. Terrible sounds from the graveyard:

It all started when I was 8 years old. I was living in a small neighbourhood near my hometown one day with a large amount of firewood when my parents left me with my brother. The other brother was left in football practice. The starting point was that he had to stop suddenly in the middle of the road in the forest when he was returning home and this memory is bothering my father. He still said that he definitely Day saw something and remembered something like this. He was a very thin figure seven to eight feet tall. He was sure that it was not a bear because when he saw his car, the object stood on two legs and a strange She ran away in poor shape with many spots on some parts. 

When the other part of his body was losing hair or none of it and his back was broken and his condition worsened when he was running back in the woods when my parents told me about it. Warned I still didn't know I did it when I was 10 years old One day I had to stay home alone When my parents went to visit my uncles I called seven of my friends who I would say Bella, Devil, Cyton and The Smurfs where we used to enjoy watching movies and playing video games until midnight then suddenly I remembered that my father had seen this creature a few years ago. 

We thought it would be a fun idea to grab our flashlight and go out into the woods once we'd walk into everything. The path mysteriously had to be rolled up and strange noises were heard. The whole area was completely dark and the fear of disappearance was affecting us all. Suddenly we heard a loud noise. Flashed in the direction of and finally, we saw it there. The deer had some dead carcasses and I could see that there was already another big animal. I thought it might be a bear that was eating the carcasses but it wasn't the one with the thin hair and about eight. 

It was here that he looked at us with his blood-stained teeth and blood-stained eyes, then slowly he stood up and did not care if the branches hit us or if we Cut or torn, we all screamed and ran away. The jungle we didn't know if it was chasing us or not but we didn't care that we needed to get home as soon as possible we finally jumped over the cliff in front of our house which was towards the hill ran away. 

My house and then the door closed. Everyone took a deep breath and looked hard at their friends and then I realized that something like this had happened when we were running away in panic. We lost it somewhere in the forest. I pulled out my cell phone with trembling hands as I called and within 10 minutes of the paramedic's police and our parents arriving, they told us about their situation, what we said again, what we saw and what happened. 

Police searched the entire forest with Penelope, but never found the object because the ad discovered that I was 12 years old and had bloodstains on it. And none of us says anything about what was going on that day. We're still looking for a room, but I'm glad she's chilling. Not only have we all been doing this lately. I researched the thing and saw that a lot of people have gone missing in my forest. Most of the children and the eighth child was missing in those forests because of the disappearance of the pen. I do not live in my forest because I am afraid that if I do that I will get that thing one day and I will end up like this.

2. The Horror Alone Home Girl Story:

My name is Laura and this incident happened when I was 13 years old and I will never forget this memory. I was alone in my house and my mother was in the office at night and my two siblings. Grandparents' house was far away from my house before that I was just enjoying my time just watching Netflix and doing some fun things but after a while, I got very angry So I decided to invite some of my friends but I asked permission from my mother and then called my friends to invite them while I was waiting for them. I heard a loud voice saying that there was no one else from above so I stood up and looked at the stairs with restless eyes on my face when I was near the stairs I saw that one of my dolls had fallen I I picked it up and when I straightened my back a little girl my attention was standing well and I could feel her staring at me though. 

I couldn't do that. Because of this, I could see his face clearly. I was terrified of the darkness and then someone rang the doorbell so I went to see who it was and luckily my friends came. Thank God it is. It's a matter of a moment's relief that my friends arrived at the right time and soon I lost my mind about this girl. I saw that we were sitting in the same room and having fun talking to each other after an hour a friend of mine suggested that we should take some pictures together so we gathered around each other and we laughed. And take several selfies while chatting while we were scrolling through it. 

The pictures showed us that there was a little girl standing behind our sofa which made us even more nervous. The fact that she didn't have a face meant that her face was just empty darkness. Her eyes were no nose. And no one was scared. I told Casey to delete this picture right away. However, he said there was something wrong with his cell phone. I snatched the phone from his hands and tried to delete it. It doesn't matter that we tried not to delete the image then we heard loudly Amps felt as if someone's footsteps were coming from above and at the same time our light kept shining and at the same time we Thinking we couldn't stay inside anymore, we hurried outside a friend of mine, Christmas, suddenly pointed to my bedroom window and said there was a man there I raised my eyes and followed his finger and it was the same numb girl we saw our friends in the picture and I screamed and I called my mother and Explain everything my mother can't do. 

Believe me what I said to her so she calmed me down and said she would be home in five minutes when she got home. She searched the whole house but couldn't find any trace of this girl. I hope it's just We had ideas. We decided to move out of the house soon because I was watching the girl after the incident when we finally moved and since then my mother never wanted me to be alone at home so I always wanted my sister. I live with my brothers. I still have no clue why the girl was hanged. But I think the reason is that she wants us to get out of the house well. I'm just glad I'm not seeing this girl in my new home.

3. Something Wrong in My Apartment Night Horror Scary Story:

This happened to me while I was on my way home one night I was living in an apartment at the time. When I arrived on the first floor of my building there was a piece of paper hanging on the wall that said that the elevator was out of service no not again I said to myself I lived on a pretty high floor so without any other choice, I had to walk up the stairs. I was walking up the stairs out of sheer desperation and all of a sudden I heard something then I began to feel uneasy I knew that crimes often occurred around my neighbourhood especially targeting people who were alone when I listened closely I could hear a pair of men's shoes and a pair of women's high heels walking at the same time. I assumed that it was a couple you guys are having a hard time like me I'm struggling to walk up the stairs especially this late at night I thought to myself I sighed with relief and turned my head around however I will never forget what I saw at that moment there was a man who was crawling with a pair of men's shoes on his feet and a pair of high heels on his hands. 

He was crawling towards me this happened a few years ago in the neighbourhood I grew up in when I was around 6 years old there was an incident where an old man who lived right in front of my house was murdered by a robber not only did the robber steal all his money. But he also stabbed him brutally with a knife and then ran away according to the police the crime scene was as horrible as it sounds and unfortunately to this day the robber still hasn't been caught when they moved the old man's dead body and passed by my house. My mom covered my eyes with her hands so that I wouldn't see it nevertheless I could see my neighbour's face through the gap between my mom's fingers after that even after a few months had passed the old man's house wasn't sold.

It was because there were a few strange rumours spreading around the neighbourhood about his house some said that people would always hear the old man's coughing and sobbing coming from inside whenever it rained ten years later all of the people who moved into his house had to leave and now his house is being used as a warehouse. When I was in high school I was crazy about a boy band and used to stay up late at night watching their videos because of this I used to fall asleep at around three or four am the town I lived in was sort of a new city under construction. So it was really quiet and there was no one outside during that time one night it was around three am I suddenly heard a woman singing outside it was an old song and the strange thing was that the woman was singing. Just one part of the song over and over again she didn't move on to the next section she would just start singing pause for a minute and then continued singing again out of curiosity. I opened the window and was about to sing the next verse of the song to surprise her however before that I sent a text message to my friend, hey someone is singing outside and keeps repeating the same part lol should I sing along with her not long after my friend responded and then I had to shut the window quietly because I was terrified the text said don't do that's a ghost when ghosts find someone to harm they first sing and then wait for the person to sing along.

4. My True-Life Horror Story 2021:

There is a house with a parking garage with a bicycle parking area at a very low level which I and a group of my friends like to go for a walk and I have called my friends Doreen and Akash on a skateboard. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. He agreed to go skateboarding with me at the garage. They all agreed, so we met at our house Arrived we waited for the car and drove off the sensor. 

Open the garage door then we paired up when we got inside we got on some board and using some skills we finally went downstairs and sat in the bicycle parking area when there was a break and suddenly some car soda drink. The motorcycle pulled out of the parking lot and onto a view of the parking lot, the car sat on the spot while its engine was running and the driver was still inside when another van pulled over and stopped its engine in the middle of the road. The two drivers got out and met each other halfway through. 

They were both tall and one driver threatened to draw and transferred the other driver's money, but then suddenly they started arguing that their hands were dramatically moving around. Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. When the van driver pulled out a gun and shot the other driver in the throat, the driver dropped the van driver around him, causing the van driver to scream and then we couldn't say what he was saying. ۔ Two other boys got out of the van and saw one throwing the body in the back seat and the other started wiping the blood. There was something going on and I could tell we were in danger. The ropes whispered that now We all had to leave. Silently he grabbed our skateboards and hid behind a wall but the blood cleaner pushed Jalin as he was making his way and walked towards the driver so the van started and at the same time Akash There was a scream that we all threw up. We lowered our skateboard and started pushing away as fast as we could. 

I heard a lot of noise like skateboards screaming and screaming in my ears and Doren roaring behind us was on the electric skateboard and taking the lead when we were injured around the ramp. Jordan's rise to the next level was with me and Akash was behind us on the scooter Jillian who was in the last part of the departure he was falling behind and we could see that the van behind him was speeding. 

Screaming, he ran to her and she slipped her skateboard into her hands and made a sharp turn to the left, causing the van to run around the corner as Doreen approached the garage door and that's when I realized we had to wait for a car to activate the sensor and open the door. I walked towards Doreen to take the ladder to the right and he and Jordan and I bounced my skateboards and pushed Akash down the ladder which caused us to burst into some dirty apartment floor and I Came closer quickly Led by Jillian, he picked it up and told us that he was outside the apartment building near the main road. 

When we grabbed our skateboards and ran from the apartment floor until we escaped the fire, we managed to escape and Meet Jillian where we called the police. When police arrived, they searched the parking garage and found no trace of cars or cars, so they decided to check the security footage in the footage, which revealed that the van's license plate duct tape. But they seized the car's license plate. "They will keep updating us and give us a lift home," he said of the driver who was shot. "We have never seen a van since then, nor have the police got any important information from my friends." And I recently resorted to a lot of safe and public skate parks nearby and never found this garage again.

5. Real & True Halloween Day Scary Horror Story:

This is a story that happened to me a long time ago, it was a big two-storey house in our city which was disturbed by rumours because of one of my best friend Carlos and I decided that That would be a good idea. To check this rumour we went from this house for tricks or treats. It was 11:45 am and it took us a while to reach home because when we arrived it was a little far from other houses. At home, we rang the doorbell. 

A man who looked like he was in his mid-30s. Suddenly he opened the door. He had a cigarette in his hand. I could see that he had torn his clothes. Torn jeans and he looked tired. My friend mentioned the rumours about his house and said we laughed out loud but he didn't answer. We said he just stared at us and then he said your kids are a little late for Halloween. In two minutes he was fine. 

At exactly 12 o'clock he told us that Candy was in his room and offered to come to us. We were sitting in that room waiting for the room that went upstairs but when he came back he insisted on going upstairs to us because he had Reese's chocolate which was my favourite at the time so a handsome young man we picked him up on the offer we followed him. Went and at that moment I went to a dimly lit room. 

I saw that there were many kinds of knives in the room. It looked like a man was collecting. Knife We thought it was a great cool hobby. The man approached him and gave us two pieces of chocolate, although he had not said anything. We thanked him and suddenly screamed in pain. And bent down to fall. The stairs I turned and saw that the man had a red knife that was probably one of his collections with mixed emotions that my adrenaline kicked in immediately. He tried to punch her in the face but he backed away and then he hit my leg. 

I barely managed to cope with the pain and literally pushed it out with five punches. The man snatched the knife from his leg and started holding Carlos in one arm. We finally escaped from the house. Carlos was bleeding in his back. I shook hands with him. I called the police. When he regained consciousness, the man arrested him. 

An ambulance took me and Carlos to the hospital. I didn't hurt much, but Carlos was apparently stabbed twice in the back and was bleeding profusely. He was in hospital for two weeks. When I got out of the hospital, the police officer told my parents. The man was reportedly a registered sex offender and had previously abused some children. Fortunately, he was sent to prison when, after all of them had been arrested, I never went inside a stranger's house again, and I still fear what would have happened if I had not been able to retreat. He was stabbed and failed to escape.

6. True Scarry Carpenter Horror Story:

It didn't happen when we moved into our house in 2005. It was a nice, big house that was built one day in 1950. I was watering the grass in my backyard and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something that made me pause. 

There was a man standing near the bushes near the wall of our yard. He was dressed like a carpenter. His head looked like it was tilted towards him and his body was slightly away from our edges. Was blown away then he looked at me and smiled compassionately at me at first I thought he was fixing someone's house and it was his job but only after he confronted me I realized that was not the case When I looked at him with narrowed eyes, I saw that his neck was apparently broken, which caused his head to bend strangely. 

Then I saw that he waved at me once but when I regained consciousness I was also shocked to raise the scream but he had disappeared and two nights later he was literally gone when I woke up in the morning At three o'clock my voice was coming from the roof. It looked like I was walking very slowly wearing some construction shoes. I started coming out thinking it might be a thief but I suddenly realized that part of the roof was so thin that it meant someone. He couldn't even walk on it when it stopped suddenly after a while I could easily feel another horrible sound, I heard a loud scream that sounded like someone fell on my roof like I covered my head with a blanket then my hands and The whole body trembled and after 10 minutes I saw nothing that I looked out of it, was completely silent. 

I saw and heard nothing but the next morning I started to see the history of this house when I was surprised It turns out that there is a report about it. I met the carpenter a few days before in the backyard in 1958, he was put to fix the roof while the owners were on vacation but the carpenter suddenly fell from a weak spot on the roof while he was working and his neck Broken he couldn't scream for help and no one ever knew what happened to him because the owners had been gone for two weeks when he finally came back he was found but already Died suddenly on top of my bedroom I suddenly felt bad for the poor boy and I think he is still taking care of things since then I have seen him sometimes but now I am not afraid of him.

7. What I saw at My Dorm Horror Story:

This is the story of the first time I went to the city and joined the company when our company was running a hostel and I was from a rural area so I went to the hostel a day after work. I decided to stay back. And I was having dinner with the TV. It was midnight after working overtime. I was laughing and watching some comedy show and then I suddenly felt as surprised as you know. It's as if someone is staring at you. 

It seems strange I turned my head the window and I could not move because my whole body was hardened by a severe cold. I could not even get the woman's face stuck in the window as I was attracted to see and she was staring at me without any movement. Now let's think about it the windows in the dormitory weren't small either. 

It was just the size of a normal person's upper body. I was on the fifth floor when she was standing there staring at me. I was frozen I couldn't run and I could only see her shining eyes. It was lucky that when I saw someone When one of my companions knocked on my door, the devil disappeared. 

The labourer in the next room came to my room saying he needed to do something and when he saw my pale face he asked me if I was fine so I explained to him what I had just seen and Then his face looked a little stiff. Well, he didn't say anything more but I knew I'm sure I'm not the only person who saw him here but something strange happened to me when sometimes people get together and tell stories of the past. 

When I talk about it, I suddenly start to feel. Like ghosts are coming to see me, for example, one day I was in a restaurant with my friends and as soon as they started talking about ghosts my skin turned pale and I already Thought I'm lying or trying To make fun of them but when I looked at the door I looked at my face seriously and told my friends not to stop telling all these stories they all have to keep quiet I think there is something wrong with me so Anyone watching the story hopes that your home will always be there, especially when you are alone.

8. Terrible noises come at night:

I live with my grandmother who died a few years ago. My grandmother suffered from a mental illness during her lifetime so she could not use her arms or legs at all and she could not even speak. She could only be upset and upset because I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. When I see her, one day my family would gather at my house to celebrate a big holiday with her. 

My grandmother was sitting alone in a few rooms while we were eating delicious food and chatting with each other. Hours had passed and now it was time for everyone to go home so my family said goodbye but at that time my grandmother was still in her room so I was sitting next to her you know just grandma's case. 

I want you to go out and say goodbye to everyone I looked at his face and asked grandma slowly turned her face towards me and opened her mouth. I am ashamed at that moment. I couldn't believe that she Speaking with such a clear and accurate pronunciation a few years ago after my grandmother's death I told my family what happened the day I was in the last rites hall but no one believed me that today I. 

I'm going to talk about a story I read that I found a body a few years ago, especially in rural areas. It was difficult to identify the victim or the perpetrator because the body had been there for so long. Was dead and the bones were mutilated and bleached to make matters worse, but the police only found something strange in this difficult situation. ۔ One finger was completely intact from his body. 

They asked the National Forensic Service and they finally completed the identification on his finger and in addition they managed to arrest the culprit as a result of the investigation which revealed He said the assailant was his roommate. He said he killed him on a rainy day and buried him in the mountain behind his house, after which the detective in charge said in his interview that this was often the case when he was in charge. There are things that can't be explained, but I can tell you that there really are ghosts.

9. Something terrible happens to me at night:

What I'm going to tell you is that my grandmother died of this horror a long time ago. After three days at the funeral home, we had to go to the cemetery after her last rites," he said. That would take about an hour, so my mother told me not to pick up the body until I had to put it in the car until I took a nap. My eyes and grandmother were sitting next to my grandmother. I asked for my eyes to mix and she smiled at me. 

This is your grandfather calling me if I go first, go to sleep, stop and wake up suddenly I remembered that I woke up with an increase of pity for him and I kept crying and then at the same moment I got out of the car. He told his mother about his dream and then he slapped me on the back and said I think I wanted to say goodbye before I went to Randma that maybe you were sleeping alone so she said goodbye to you.

10. True Old House Very Scary Horror Story:

One evening I was looking for an internet cafe because I needed to send a few emails I spotted one in the old building the sign said it was on the sixth floor when I walked through the entrance there was a dark hallway that led to a small elevator I pressed the call button and when the doors open I stepped inside in a lot of Asian countries many buildings do not have the fourth floor the number four is considered bad luck because the word four sounds almost the same as the word for death when it stopped and the doors open I was about to step out when I realized that something was wrong the hallway was in total darkness by the lightning mounting from the elevator I could make out a random piece of furniture cover it with a white cloth it looked like it hadn't been touched in years I thought I might have gotten off on the wrong floor.

So i checked the buttons but none of them was lit up there was nothing to indicate which floor i was on just then i noticed something moving at the end of the darkened hallway i couldn't quite make out what it was but it looked like a person dressed in some type of gown the figure was moving slowly down the hallway towards the elevator they creeped me out and in a panic i started pressing the closed-door button all of a sudden the light in the elevator flickered and turned up i was plunging to the pitch darkness.

I was so empty that I almost drenched myself as if I was about to lose it. When the door opened, I breathed a sigh of relief. I was at the internet cafe. I went to the counter and told the girl that she works there and when she heard that her face turned pale, she said that some customers and some of her co-workers had experienced the same thing. ۔ She had never experienced it herself but she told me about the history of the building apparently, the fourth floor was a hair salon at one time.

It was thriving and doing very well as long as working there. One of the women did not kill herself in the salon, why the salon kept working but she had strange and incomprehensible incidents when sometimes the water turned so red when the customers were washing their hair As other people claimed, when they look in the mirror they catch a glimpse of a ghost figure standing behind them. When they turn around, no one is there. Because of these events, the salon has created a bad reputation and customers Eventually the owner of the building was forced to close to rent the fourth floor to other businesses but when they found out what had happened no one would take it. 

Eventually, the owner reduced the price and it was rented by a businessman who opened a stationery supply store. Intended, however, they tried to do some renovation on the floor when there was a series of mysterious accidents was not close and the worker crushed his hand when the elevator finally closed unexpectedly. 

The workers drowned so much that the owner of the building abandoned the attempt to rent the fourth floor. He had to close it. The place was taken and it was re-introduced that no one can at least go to the fourth floor which is why when people lift the elevator it sometimes stops on the fourth floor and when the doors are closed some people Will see a figure approaching them in the dark. I honestly still don't know what it was.

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