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Top Most Beautiful New Pakistani Women 2021 Update | The Most Beautiful Pakistan Actress Name and Pictures

Pakistani drama industry is currently the number one TV industry in the world where everyone wants to work and they have to work hard for it. But here I will talk about some of the actresses models who have succeeded more because of their beauty than hard work, but we will talk about the 15 most successful and beautiful Models of Pakistan drama industry.

Pakistan is the home of a number of the foremost gorgeous women in the entire world. An outsized population of the country share heritage with north Indians who are themselves considered a number of the best-looking people. Even the wonder standards in Pakistan are quite almost like India, which suggests there are some extremely beautiful women waiting to be appreciated by the men and boys around the world.

15. Aima Baig

Aima Baig tops 15 our list of most beautiful Pakistani women right away. The 25, Aima Baig could be a singer and scriptwriter. She is best known for appearing on the Dunya News’ chat show Mazaaq Raat. Also for super-duper hit song Kalabaaz Dil for movie Lahore Se Aagey and her wonder song Baazi and Malang with Sahir Ali Bagga, Coke Studio Pakistan got huge success.

14. Komal Meer

Komal Meer is the most beautiful & gorgeous young, extremely attractive and she has a lot of talent also as confidence. She was a powerful contender in one among the fact shows looking for talent. Now Komal Meer has already started her acting career with a bang. She played a number one role in Resham Gali Ki Husna and a supporting role in Ehd-e-Wafa. Komal Meer has everything it takes to create it big in the industry, she is going to definitely go far.

13. Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is Pakistan's most successful and beautiful actress whose name still runs in Pakistan TV industry. Sarah Khan‘s cheerful smile, her radiant eyes, beautifully shaped eyebrows, and her full lips are her best facial expression. She features a common sense of fashion which makes her look the most effective. Sarah Khan achieved star status during a short span of your time because of her hard work and by choosing the proper reasonably projects to work in.

12. Kubra Khan

My favourite TV actress is Kubra Khan. Her smile is very sweet and she is the most beautiful actor in Pakistan. Kubra Khan‘s confident, stunning, cute, and reassuring smile, as well as her innocent face, makes her one among the prettiest actresses in the industry. Kubra Khan also features a unique style which makes her even more attractive.

11. Maya Ali

Maya Ali's name is enough to make any drama a super hit. Maya Ali is considered the lifeblood of Pakistani TV and she is ranked 11th in Pakistan in beauty. Maya Ali‘s outlook changed tons this year and she looked more beautiful this year than she ever has. Maya Ali’s big twinkling eyes, her confident smile, and her improved sense of fashion make her one amongst the foremost beautiful actresses. She has managed to create it big on the silver screen and continues to grow as an actress. Maya Ali will surely go even further within the future.

10. Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan is not a successful Pakistani TV actress but I have put her at number 10 because she is a very beautiful Pakistani actress. Sadia Khan’s flawless naturally chiselled features, her beautifully shaped eyebrows, and her vibrant smile make her look exceptionally appealing. She also carries herself very gracefully and has the foremost beautiful hair.

09. Sajal Ali

As soon as I hear Sajjal Ali, I become crazy about him because his smile and every character in which he has acted makes me crazy about him. Sajjal Ali's play that I liked the most was Mahmood Abad ki Malkayen. Sajal Ali is a well-known actress, noted for playing a variety of characters from contemporary social to romantic dramas in a range of serials.

08. Ayesha Omer

Who doesn't know Ayesha Omar or the whole world knows this beautiful girl. Ayesha's drama Bulbulay is currently the most successful drama seen in Pakistan. Ayesha Omar may be a talented Pakistani actress, a gorgeous model and occasional singer. She has worked in Pakistani TV shows and appeared in several Urdu language films. Born in Lahore this talented and delightful and beautiful girl is best known for her role as Khoobsurat in Bulbulay, Natasha in Ladies Park, Sara in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Arzoo in Tanhai and Aleena in Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai.

07. Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch is a Pakistani actress who is so old that if women of her age are made to stand with her, she will look like her mother. To this day, no one knows how young she looks, even at such a young age. Her daughters also look older than her. Mehnoor Baloch Karachi born actress and model who made her acting debut in 1993 with the drama serial Marvi. She is additionally one among the most beautiful Pakistani women. Although she mostly appears in television shows she has also done a few films. 

In the year 2013, she did a Pakistani film named Main hoon Shahid Afridi and a Hollywood film Torn. In Hollywood film, she assumed the job of Maryam, a mother whose young child is slaughtered in a blast at a rural shopping centre. Even if she hasn’t done any film at the moment, but we’re not talking about her career. We’re talking about her looks and one can tell by just watching her picture that she’s one of the foremost beautiful Pakistani women of all time.

06. Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is the most beautiful actress in Pakistan and she has also won the title of Miss Word. Mehwish Hayat may be an extraordinary amazing Pakistani film on-screen best actress and performer who is stunning for her occupations movies in Load Wedding, Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Actor in Law is the best performance. Mehwish Hayat has acted in many Pakistani dramas but most people know her because of her beauty and she is the most beautiful actress in Pakistan. 

She was regarded by the govt of Pakistan with the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2019. She was born on 06 January 1983 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Presently, she is late 37 years as in 2020. The 2012 blockbuster sentiment sequential Meray Qatil Meray Dildar denoted a critical defining moment in Hayat’s profession, winning her acclaim and selection for Best actress at Lux Style Awards. She later won the Lux Style Awards for Best TV Actress for her depiction of a solid headed in Kashif Nisar’s praise arrangement Kami Reh Gayi (2013). She made further progress by including because of the female lead in four of Momina Duraid’s sentimental shows Mirat-ul-Uroos 2012, Ishq Mein Terry (2013), Ru Baru 2014 and Anjum Shahzad’s profoundly effective family dramatization Kabhi (2013) and Nadeem Baig’s Dil Lagi 2016.

05. Hania Aamir

As for Hania Aamir, you all know what kind of actress she is. Haniya currently has millions of fans, Because Hania is currently the most beautiful actress in Pakistan, she is the most liked Pakistani actress whose plays are seen all over the world. Hania Aamir is cuteness overloaded. She has the right girly looks which dimple has also won her such a lot of fans. Hania’s beauty is all-natural which makes her one among those actresses who need absolutely no make-up to seem gorgeous.

04. Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is Pakistan's most beautiful film actress and drama actress and her beauty is discussed in India as well as Pakistan. Mahira Khan is one more beautiful Pakistani actress. She recently appeared during a blockbuster Bollywood film (Raees) alongside Shah Rukh Khan. Mahira rose to success with super-hit TV show Hamsafar, which earned her several awards in the acting category. She’s currently a highest paid Pakistani actress and therefore the recipient of several awards, including; Three Lux Style Awards and five Hum Awards.

03. Sana Javed

Sana Javed is my favourite actress but I can say for sure that you will too. Sana comes to us at number 3 in this list, because everyone has always liked Sana's acting in dramas and she did a great job in Pyare Afzal. Sana Javed is another natural beauty in this list no 3. She seems to be getting prettier and even more stylish because the years pass. This year, Sana Javed experimented along with her hairstyle by getting her hair cut a lot shorter than it's always been. She looks absolutely gorgeous during this new hairstyle. Fans and followers loved all her looks in traditional attire this Ramazan. She mesmerized the viewers with her performance in hit drama serial Pyare Afzal & Ruswai.

02. Ayeza Khan

Everyone knows about Ayeza Khan and also about her acting. Ayeza Khan is currently the most beautiful actress in Pakistan and we have here at number 2 in this list. Ayeza Khan could be a natural beauty who has enhanced her looks even more with the assistance of getting proper grooming from the most effective people in the business. Ayeza Khan experimented with her looks this year and looked exceptionally pretty all told her dramas. Ayeza Khan is one among those only a few beautiful actresses who can easily achieve any check out all.

01. Alizeh Shah

Now let's talk about Pakistan's most beautiful No. 1 actress who was waiting for you all. You may be wondering why there are more lovely actresses then why this is number one. The reason for this and the answer you also have is that she is the most beautiful actress in Pakistan. This is not what the TV industry of the whole world says. He got his most fame from Ehd-e-Wafa drama and from there his journey of success started.

Those beautiful eyes which innocent face is certain to require anyone’s breath away. Alizeh Shah has definitely been a breath of fresh air for drama buffs for several reasons. She instantly got noticed due to her beautiful face when she was seen acting in drama serial Ishq Tamasha. Lately, In Ehd-e-Wafa, Alizeh’s character was loved by all.

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