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Pakistani Top Famous TikTokers With Fans 2020-21

TikTok is very famous in Pakistan. The users of this app are growing rapidly in Pakistan. There's little question that TikTok users are getting stars and celebrities, and that they have a lot of fans on TikTok. Here we'll introduce to you the highest ten TikTok celebrities in Pakistan with the newest updates from loyal fans. you'll view the list of Top Pakistani TikTok Stars In 2020 With many Followers below.

Would you prefer to understand the most recent trends in entertainment in Pakistan? If so, you’ve come to the proper place. Today, many of us have a really wide sense of entertainment. As a result, they're always trying to find new and interesting ways to entertain, which brings great joy and vitality. Coming to TikTok, this is often an entertainment application where users can make short videos by synchronizing their lips with background music or other sound effects. it's swept all the interesting enthusiasts in Pakistan and even globally. TikTok is one among the highest-ranked apps, with quite 700 million downloads. we'll discuss the highest TikTok Star in Pakistan in 2020.

1. Jannat Mirza

Tiktok id: @jannatmirza

Followers: 10 Million  Likes: 70 Million

2. Zulqarnain Sikandar

Tiktok id: @ch.zulqarnain25

Followers: 9 Million  Likes: 220 Million

3. Alishbah Anjum

Tiktok id: @alishbahanjum

Followers: 4.3 Million  Likes: 77 Million

4. Malik Usman

Tiktok id: @usmanasim66

Followers: 4.3 Million  Likes: 131 Million

5. Areeka Haq

TikTok ID: @areeqa_haq

Followers: 4.2 Million  Likes: 97 Million

6. Sehar Hayat

Tiktok id: @sehar_hayyat

Followers: 4.2 Million  Likes: 84 Million

7. Phoollu

Tiktok id: @Phoollu

Followers: 3.1 Million  Likes: 90 Million

8. Pinky Francis

Tiktok id: @pinkyfrancis

Followers: 2.9 Million  Likes: 42 Million

9. Paridoll

Tiktok id: @paridoll16

Followers: 2.3 Million  Likes: 38 Million

10. Shameel Zahid

Tiktok id: @Shameelzahid

Followers: 1.4 Million Likes: 26 Million

this list continues, as many Pakistani TikTok star fans are following. Don’t forget to tell the reader your favorite TikTok star.
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