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The top 10 most powerful religions in the world 2020 & 2021. We have kind of a different post for you today money isn't everything and you guys know that no matter if you're a believer or an atheist. You should be aware that there are plenty of religions and respect their rights at we believe in living an extraordinary life. One filled with happiness for you and those around you be happy to limp happy help others and just don't be an asshole with that in mind here are the top 10 most powerful religions in the world right now.

10. Bahai

Bahai 7 million adherents baha'u'llah a Persian man was the founder of Baha'i in the 19th-century. Baha'i Faith believes in the unity of all religions it merges religious history as a series of divine messengers Krishna Buddha Moses Jesus Mohammed all established a religion which suited the needs of the time and the capacity of the people back then. The followers of Baha'i practice prayer and worshipping one God of all humans all religions in the world have only one God which is single and has no equal they practice simplicity this reflects on their ritual as well mostly they occur in individuals homes or centres there are seven Baha'i houses of worship throughout the world.

9. Judaism 

Judaism 14 million adherents the first temple of Judaism the Solomon's Temple dated back to 832 BC it was an important Holy Temple in Jerusalem Abraham was the father of the Jewish people when his descendants have slaved in Egypt God told Moses to lead the Exodus.

8. Spiritism 

Spiritism 50 million adherents in the early 19th century a French educator named Allan Kardec founded spiritism, unlike most religions. The founder is not a prophet, in fact, spiritism does not believe in prophecy Kartik wrote five books about spiritism they are based on research and testimony of the spiritual world. This religion teaches the same values as Christian but it does not see Jesus as the Son of God. They believe that humans are immortal spirits which inhabit physical bodies to improve morally and intellectually until the day they pass through a spiritual world.

7. Sikhism 

Sikhism  23 million adherents Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak in Pakistan in the 16th century Sikhs believe in God as the one supreme reality. He is known as common Sikhs pray through hymns and meditation Sikhism teaches selfless service its practices are similar to Hindus and Islam's what is unique about this religion is its distinctive prohibition of cutting hair for those who have taken the admiring initiation ceremony.

6. African Traditional Religion 

African Traditional Religion 100 million adherents there are many traditional religions practised by African people however they show the same general concept they believe in a supreme creator spirits ancestors veneration and magic. They worship supernatural spirits including their ancestors as their intermediaries between humans and God. Their religious rituals involve animal sacrifices and libation they believe that humans should have harmony with a supernatural world.

5. Buddhism 

Buddhism 376 million adherents according to Buddhist tradition Buddha was born in Lumbini now a part of Nepal in 563 BC his name was Siddhartha Gautama and he was a prince living a luxurious life after he fled from his palace. He discovered the misery of others this was the awakening moment he meditated intensely for forty days he battled worldly temptations to reach nirvana since then. He began to teach others about his experience many follow his footsteps he died at the age of 80 in Kushnick are now a part of India.

4. Chinese Traditional Religion

Chinese Traditional Religion 394 million adherents the Chinese traditional religion dates back to 206 BC when the Han Dynasty ruled the country they worshipped a Chinese God Chinese people believed in gods and spirits in a form of forces within the order of nature. There are four concepts of the religion what cover the spiritual cosmological and moral aspects of life the first one is Tien, heaven as the source of moral meaning second key the breadth of the substance of which everything was made third Ginsu the ancestor's veneration and last bow yang the moral reciprocity.

 3. Hinduism 

Hinduism 900 million adherents Hinduism is an ancient religion it started as a fusion of various Indian cultures and traditions. It is believed to be the heritage of Provident religion dated back to 30,000 BC with the classical Hinduism first emerging in 200 BC the concept of God in Hinduism is complex. It depends on each individual's philosophy and the tradition itself this reflects its rituals as well for example Hindus in India practised different rituals compared to Hindus in Bali Indonesia, in general, they worship the Supreme Being as Vishnu Brahma Shiva and/or Shakti they embody from proper aims of human life Dharma duties Aartha prosperity karma emotion and moksha liberation.

2. Christianity

Christianity 1 billion adherents Christians believe that in 4bc the Son of God was born. He is Jesus Christ who brought salvation from humanity the story of his life was written in a Bible which becomes the guidance of Christians life. Christianity teaches the essential belief of Trinity God is one God in three persons coexisting as one they can not be divided, they are the Father the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit the 2.1 billion adherents of Christianity are divided into several denominations, the three primary divisions are Roman Catholics and Orthodox II and Protestantism. These three claim several differences but believe in relatively the same God before we begin working on this post. We did our best to talk to people from these religions and by no means do we plan to offend anybody these are facts that we present to the best of our knowledge at the time of making this article. What do you think about the different religions around the world are you guys active religious let us know we really want to hear back from you guys on this one. You know YouTube won't allow us to add bonus facts at the end of our post that's why we're gonna do it right here there's one religion, in particular, we have an interest in that didn't make the list. If you've never heard of past offers ins and their Lord and Savior the Flying Spaghetti Monster you need to fix that immediately.

1. Islam

Islam 1.8 billion adherents in 610 C II Muhammad had a revelation from God through Archangel Gabriel. Islam is still the first religion in the world today and those who believe in Islam say that it will spread and it will last from 2020 to 2021, 2022, 2023 and it will last till 2050 and 100 years ahead, will go until the day of judgement. These revelations were recorded into a book known as Quran the concept of God in Islam is strict and clear God is one and he is Almighty he created the universe by a simple command. And so it is they believe that there is only one religion Islam and Mohammed is its prophet. We won't go into much detail but go ahead and google it thank you.

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