Celebrities turned entrepreneur is nothing new and with a face recognizable by so many. It's no wonder that most celebrity entrepreneurs are highly successful in their business endeavours. Today we're going to highlight some famous faces with equally famous businesses.

1) Serena Williams 

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

Her net worth is around 180 million dollars and it doesn't all come from a game set and match. This mom and famous tennis player can add businesswoman to her list of credentials as she's got two diverse and successful businesses under her belt. She founded Serena ventures in 2014, this incredible company's main focus is investing in startups and early-stage companies particularly focused on women and minorities over the past five years. She's invested in 34 startups worth around 10 million dollars. Serena ventures have a market cap of $12 Million in 2018. She started her own clothing line asked by Serena the range is aimed at all shapes and sizes and all income brackets her one line of clothing is called great clothing and is 100% animal product free designed for curvier women she wasn't keen on curvy women being labelled as plus-sized hence the name great.

2) Gwen Stefani 

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

Gwen Stefani was born to be a success she initially rose to fame through the band no doubt and went on to have a successful solo career as well. Her net worth is in the region of 150 million dollars and much like Serena. She can't just credit her amazing success to her vocals Stefani has also loved clothing and her mom taught, her how to sew when she was young she launched her lamb clothing line in 2003 with its first runway show in 2004. The lines made between 90 to 100 million dollars in turnover each year with products being generally quite expensive for example handbags ranged anywhere between $80 to 825. She subsequently branched off into fragrances launching her first fragrance Elle in 2007 she added another line of clothing to a younger market, called Harajuku lovers which included a range of clothing for dogs she's also produced a series of children's programs called cuckoo Harajuku which was nominated for an Asian Television Award for a best 2d animation program.

3) Robert DeNiro

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

He's known for his roles and taxi driver Goodfellas and Meets the Fockers and he's also known for his multi-million dollar business empire the famous actress worth five hundred million dollars. And his Nobu hospitality LLC business venture has been predicted to earn 1 billion dollars in revenue by 2023 with a plan to open up condos acting has always been, his first love but food comes a close second and while dining at Matsui says restaurant in Los Angeles. He was blown away by the quality of the food he told the chef if he ever wanted to open a shop in New York City. That he should get in touch sounds like the making of a movie right there and that was how the original Nobu restaurant began it's branched out enormous. Lee to Nobu Hospitality LLC which includes three dozen Nobi restaurants globally and eight luxury hotels De Niro has a stake in several other eating houses as well including New York City's Locanda Verde and the Tribeca grill.

4) Rihanna 

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

Grab your umbrella because it's raining money in Rihanna's world the singer-songwriter is estimated to be worth six hundred million dollars and yes she's made a good chunk of that money belting out songs like bitch better have my money and diamonds. But she also made money through other business ventures with over 81 million Instagram followers her collaboration with luxury goods group. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy or LVMH was guaranteed to be a success with the launch of Fenty in Rihanna's makeup brand was named one of Time Magazine's best inventions of 2017. Fenty has a wide range of products available but what really makes the brand stand out is. Its wide range of concealer and foundation shades currently sitting at 50 there really is a shade for every skin tone Rihanna is officially the richest female musician in the world growing her fortune from two hundred and nineteen million to six hundred million in the past year. The beauty industry seems to be the way to go if you want to earn some big bucks and another celeb turned entrepreneur has managed to use this to her advantage as well we'll share her details soon.

5) Robert Downey JR 

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

Once named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine Robert Downey jr. has been making movies since he was five years old and as a result, he has a healthy bank balance of 300 million dollars. He and his wife Susan started a production company back in 2010 called team Downey their most recent release was the voyage of dr. Doolittle which sadly didn't do very well at the box office team Downey has a digital team called Downey ventures which also produces online videos and games and invests in digital media startups.

6) George Clooney

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

He's been making men and women swoon for decades but he's not just a pretty face it might be hard to believe. But you'll like him more when you hear how he's been making a fortune this time we're ditching the salt and lime or salt and lemon and we're drinking tequila neat because it tastes that good. George Clooney Randy Gerber and Mike Feldman founded Casa Amigas in 2013. Diageo the largest spirits manufacturer in the world purchased the company for 700 million dollars in 2017, with the promise of a further 300 million. If the products performed well each founder invested $600,000 and if all goes well for them and they receive their 1 billion dollar sale price each investor will then leave with 333 million dollars in their back pocket.

7) Justin Timberlake

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

I got this feeling that JT might be a better businessman than he is a singer which is saying a lot because he's a pretty good singer besides the obvious singer-songwriter actor and producer. He can add the following to his growing list of accolades clothier Justin Timberlake started a clothing brand William rest with trace Aaliyah in 2006 a restaurateur. He helped Eaton Sugarman open southern hospitality in New York City golf course owner JT and his family-owned Mira Mashi Golf Course which has since sold distiller he made his own brand of tequila called Sauza 9:01 from Weber Blue Agave part team owner of the Memphis Grizzlies and Apple iPhone spokesperson.

8) Reese Witherspoon

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

I will not be rich those were the words uttered by Renata Klein the fictional character in the series big little lies we were hooked she's worth roughly two hundred and thirty million dollars. But her contributions to the business world are much much more than that it's thanks to her production company. Hello, Sunshine founded in 2016 that we've been privy to shows like big little lies little fires everywhere and the incredible Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston collab on the morning show. She started Pacific Standard in 2012 a production company that's responsible for hits such as wild and gone girl a few years later. She went into clothing and launched Draper James which received 10 million dollars from forerunner ventures as an investment, she tried to do a gesture by offering teachers in lockdown an opportunity to receive a free dress from Draper James sadly the kind gesture turned into a PR nightmare. When over a million people tried to claim a free dress the website crashed and there was all-around discontent it might not have been a 100% success but that's how entrepreneurs live and learn.

9) Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

No doubt you've already read our post containing some of Arnold Schwarzenegger's greatest quotes and life lessons, but if you miss it, be sure to check out Arnold Schwarzenegger's Arnie Not only is he a successful actor but he is also a very rich businessman. He has been involved in various business ventures since 1968 when he was involved in a business in Brooklyn founded with fellow bodybuilder Franco Colombo, but this is not the business that put him in small mail order. The profits made him very rich. The business where he invested in real estate sold fitness products from the profits of those businesses and his portfolio continued to grow, including investing in Planet Hollywood. He owned a shopping mall in Ohio and a Most of the investment was owned. The firm, called Dimensional Fund Advisor, today owns Oak Preparations in a joint venture with Psych & Schuster. Priced at 400 million.

10) Jay Z 

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

Hello, friends let me introduce you to the first hip hop billionaire Sean Carter aka jay-z the 50-year-old father of three and wife to Beyonce amassed his fortune not only to his music but also through several businesses. He's pursued over the years so what's the secret to his business mogul celebrity success hard work and sheer determination. Here is where he's made his money in spirits which include his Armand de Brignac champagne and do say konjac real estate art shares in uber and Robin Hood title a global music streaming service of which. He owns a large stake and these are just a few of the business enterprises he's involved in the may have 99 problems but money isn't one.

11) Maisie Williams 

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

She's only 23 years old but Maisie Williams has proven to be a huge success not only on-screen but off-screen to the Bristol-born actress, worth around 6 million dollars and she's the face behind Arya Stark on the TV series Game of Thrones in 2018. Maisie along with DOM century launched a new social media app called Daisy the app was designed for writers filmmakers readers singers poets. Anyone creative the goal was to connect like-minded people without adverts branding an unnecessary content. The app received 2.5 million dollars in seed funding and with 100,000 members signing up within 11 days of launching looks like Maisy's not going anywhere in a hurry well at least not today.

12) P-Diddy

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

Just plain Sean Sean Combs regardless of what you call him this celeb turned entrepreneur has done an incredible job of accumulating a net worth of 855 million dollars. The talented singer has his own record label called Bad Boy Records a clothing line and a fragrance line he's been promoting Ciroc through Diageo the same company that bought George Clooney's tequila business and since his involvement, it's the second best-selling vodka in America he's produced movies TV shows documentaries and reality TV he can thank his mom for the success she worked for jobs just to get him through college.

13) Kylie Jenner

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

There's a bit of a disagreement about whether or not Kylie Jenner is really worth 1 billion dollars, but regardless of how you perceive her wealth, we can't deny that she's wealthy. She found fame through Keeping Up with the Kardashians and then went on to build an empire just like Rihanna Kylie Jenner went to the cosmetic route and it paid off beautifully there was Kylie cosmetics Kylie's skin Kendall and Kylie clothing line and her official merch within 18 months of the launch of Kylie cosmetics. Jenner had accumulated 420 million dollars in retail sales in November 2009 teen a majority stake was sold to Coty for 1.2 billion dollars however kylie is still involved in the creative efforts behind the brand.

14) Jessica Alba

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

Just to name a few Fat Albert where her net worth is - $210 Million and all down to acting it's mostly due to a company called the honest company Alba launched the company in 2012 which included a line of non-toxic products for baby and household in 2017 the company was valued a little below 1 billion dollars.

15) Oprah Winfrey

Top 15 Celebrities That Got Super Rich As Entrepreneurs 2020

This is a real-life rag to riches story which saw Oprah Winfrey become the most celebrated and loved daytime TV host, this well-respected media mogul is worth 2.6 billion dollars. She's done TV movies magazines, she's a website extraordinaire her website oprah.com Garner's seventy-five million pageviews a month with 13 million active users. She's also a selfless philanthropist and a role model for many for Oprah it was all about living a great life for yourself but also making a difference in the world and it certainly seems she's been able to accomplish both and friends. 

Here we are at the end which of these celebrities inspires you the most if you had to choose which would you prefer to be a famous celebrity or successful businessperson. Until the end here's your bonus many famous people have branched out to make money elsewhere and become successful entrepreneurs but there are also many celebrities that became famous by sheer coincidence South African-born Charlize Theron wanted to be a dancer a knee injury left her unable to dance. 

So she decided to pursue modelling while at a bank in America desperately trying to cash a check from another state a talent scout spotted her powerful performance and handed her his business card she's now an Oscar award-winning actor with over 50 movies under her belt thank you for spending some time with us.

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