Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2021 List

Most people are thrilled if they get a free pair of slippers with the hotel room but that's not the kind of luxury perks are after we've brought together the ultimate in luxury and some of the most sought-after locations in the world. Private rooftop swimming pools to the bottom of the ocean adventure we've done our homework and selected 10 of the best luxury hotel offerings with price tags of over $35,000 a night so a Lexus let's check in with the top 10 most expensive hotels in the world.

10) Hotel Cala De Volpe Sardinia Italy - $41,000 Per Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

Nowhere in the world has the kind of old money that Europe has and that's why luxury hotels are bound on the continent first on our list of expensive nights. Inn is the presidential penthouse suite and the shores of the Mediterranean the hotel Cala De Volpe Olweus, not just a hotel but also a private harbor for guests to more their expensive yachts. And if you love yachts you'll love our post all about the 10 most expensive yachts the hotel celebrates the medieval plastering technique and pastel coloring of the traditional Sardinian architecture and is set out like an ancient Italian village spread over the landscape the suite is made up of three spacious cave form bedrooms a private pool fitness area and a wine cellar. Enjoy the view from the rooftop balcony and soak in the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean coastline had this price tag we shore only European dynasties and old money have witnessed this view.

9) HillTop Estate Resort Fiji - $45,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

Yourself in the luxury of serenity at the hilltop resort on La Kala Island in Fiji the resort is comprised of luxury villas spread over 4 acres of complete luxury set in the pristine beauty of the Fijian Island. You might recognize, it from its Instagram-worthy lap pool with a clear end wall set into a lagoon to secure yourself a place for the night is not as simple as making online booking guests must fill out an application for approval by the owner. Red Bulls co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz only once you're approved are you allowed to book your stay they also have a minimum stay policy of four nights the most luxurious accommodation in the resort is the hilltop villas the sixth sleeper Villa comes complete with a private chef a chauffeur and a nanny to help make. Your stay incredible the decor is best described as earthy and organic but also retro futuristic which just seems to complement the natural beauty of the views of white sandy beaches and lush forest vegetation.

8) Grand Resort Lagonissi Athens - $50,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

Step into heaven on the Athenian Riviera with a night stay at the Royal villas the price tag might be high but they offer the kind of luxuries akin to the Greek god's expectations enjoy your own limo or helicopter to get around and a private butler and a chef to meet your meal and comfort. Needs stay in shape with a personal trainer and unwind with a massage area in your villa the 3 bedroom villa has its, own private beach and indoor and outdoor pool and a lush garden for the ultimate hotel perk a private pianist is also on call when you need some light entertainment.

7) Hotel Martinez Cannes, France - $53,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

As far as the French Cote d'Azur is concerned there is no better place to spend the night than Odell Martinez and can the penthouse suite offers. Its guests one thousand square feet of old-world luxury art by legends like Picasso and Matisse are decorating the walls enjoy unrivaled panoramic views across the ocean on one of the most expensive coastlines in the world. The suite consists of 4 bedrooms a living room and a dining room marble bathrooms steeped in history and a Turkish bath and jacuzzi or a decadent way to end another Azure day. And watching for our bonus fact find out what animal is a part of the fantastic security team of this hotel.

6) Four Seasons Hotel, New York - $60,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

If you're planning a trip to the Big Apple why not enjoy big luxury like the Ty Warner penthouse suite on the top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel. Which is the 52nd floor you'll experience all-around views of Manhattan from your private suite no expense was spared on this one? The decor is out of this world and costs $400 a square meter totaling up to a 50 million dollar price tag. The bathroom is made entirely from rock crystal and boasts a panorama infinity tap the suite features a spa and unlimited messages, so you can relax to the max plus leave your administrative details to your dedicated guest relations manager or pop out in style in your own chauffeured Rolls Royce which is all a part of the deal.

5) Raj Palace Hotel Jaipur India - $65,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

This hotel was originally a royal castle but was restored far beyond its former glory with modern luxuries to be one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The most expensive suite the presidential Maharaja pavilion is a multi-level apartment that might just break the record for most crystal chandeliers in one suite. Its luxury is fit for royalty and we're not just using lip service here. The Maharaja used to frequent the second floor the walls are decorated with fine gilded details exquisitely crafted furniture and, even private a Museum the fourth floor is adorned with silver gold and ivory furnishings and used to be the princess suite.

4) Mark Hotel New York - $75,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

Step into the 10,000 square-foot penthouse suite of the Marc hotel and you've just entered the largest hotel suite in the USA the 16th-floor suite spends two floors of the Grand Hotel on the Upper East Side opposite of Central Park. Bring the family because the suite contains five bedrooms four fireplaces a library two bars two powder rooms and two marble bathrooms. As well as a massive edge Ament area the living area doubles as a ballroom to host private parties for you, and 50 guests chef jean-Georges Vongerichten will look after your every need with his world-class fine dining what's more the Suites private tailor will ensure you're always looking the part during your stay.

3) Hotel President Wilson Geneva Switzerland - $80,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

This hotel is popular because of its proximity to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva and is a second home to many diplomats and world leaders attending meetings at the UN the Royal penthouse. At the hotel president, Wilson has hosted Rihanna Bill Clinton Bill Gates and Michael Douglas among some of its occupants. But if you want to sleep on the same bed as these big names you'll have to fork out the cash but then there are some luxuries that await. You the suite looks onto the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva through windows that boast bulletproof glass to keep the world leaders safe the suite is 1,800 square meters including 12 bedrooms each, with a marble bathroom a billiard room living area complete, with a Steinway grand piano plus there are a private gym and jacuzzi as well as a conference room and naturally, the penthouse has its own private elevator.

2) The Palms Las Vegas - $100,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

Sun City is an obvious stop on our list with 150,000 hotel rooms to choose from it had to make an appearance the Palms Casino Resort is a favorite with Superstars and high rollers. It's well known for hosting celebrities' private parties and even better known for keeping them a secret. The sky villa suite is a favorite suite among the big names and it's a perfect private getaway on the penthouse of the hotel. Its decor era meets the future and no luxuries spared. It was recently redesigned by Damien Hirst and is also known as the empathy suite because, it features six original artworks by the artist and custom furniture sporting his famous signature, the sweetest spread over two floors and totals 9,000 square feet of luxury. It features a glass infinity pool free hanging off the hotel a private bar fitness gym sauna and a rotating bed sweetest fitted to comfortably, accommodate parties of up to 250 people and guests enjoy the privacy of their own glass elevator up to the suite which is useful as we all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

1) Lovers Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel - 150,000/Night

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The WORLD 2020 List

If one of these hotel rooms isn't the most incredible thing going on this green earth then perhaps. We need to dive deeper to satisfy your luxury needs the lovers deep is a submarine sporting the most expensive hotel room in the world. For 24 hours you can have free reign to chart your own course and your private captain will take you to explore the ocean depths of the Caribbean islands off the st. 

Lucia coast this hotel suite is basically a modern spaceship with windows all around to give you a maximum view of the ocean's greatest mysteries the natural beauty of this big blue reaches. Unfathomable depths pouring through the big glass windows your suite looks like a grand aquarium with a neverending collection of marine life. This luxury hotel was once a military vessel but you won't find any bunk beds here no luxury is spared in this spacious bedroom fit for Neptune himself. The entire bow of the ship is a marble paneled lounge and viewing room with an equally large entertainment area all you need to do now is pack your bags and make sure to bring a swimsuit handy luxuries. 

Here we are at the end which of these hotels would you like to stay in first and why we love hearing, what you have to say in the comments box and of course for sticking with us until the end here's your bonus. We mentioned the famous Hotel Martinez and can wear a suit that goes for $53,000 a night for that price tag. They've spared no expense to make sure their guests have no unwanted visitors, we don't only mean their ironclad security but also pests of the bird variety the domesticated seagull population in the Kin area have become a bothersome problem to anyone trying to enjoy a beach outing or a leisurely stroll to control the unwanted pests in a natural. And in the most humane way possible they've employed the help of natural predators the hawk the hotel has five well trained hawks on their. The Huck's ensure that seagulls steer clear of the area around the hotel and that guests can enjoy the downtime they paid so much for thank you for spending some time with us Thank You.
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