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You may have seen a lot of movies like Hollywood and Bollywood but today we are talking about Korean movies. Because I myself love watching Korean movies because there is always a true story in their movies which makes us fail to realize that everything is happening in reality. So today's list is about the top 10 movies you may have never seen before, so let's start with our list.

10) A Tale of Two Sister

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies
A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) is another movie so popular and well-received in South Korea, that it's no wonder it had an attempted remake in us. Based upon an old tale from the Joseon Dynasty, the film has both elements of horror also as a thriller because it explores the life of a family living in seclusion.

09) I Saw The Devil

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies

If there are one thing South Korean films have gained a reputation for, it's brutal and bloody thrillers. The films of that country that appear to attach most with international audiences tend to be quite difficult to observe. Perhaps none are more intense than I Saw the Devil.

08) Thirst

During this film, Park Chan-wook tries his hand at the vampire film world and, needless to say, create an entry with a completely unique perspective. Thirst takes a somewhat recognizable blood and gore movie classification and inhales new life into it. The film follows a Catholic priest who becomes a vampire while also battling his feelings for his friend's wife. it's going to sound like an awfully melodramatic vampire romance, but the film has many blood and thrills to satisfy horror fans while offering a really different story.

07) Memories Of Murder

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies

Released date in 2003, Bong Joon-ho’s Memories Of Murder is predicated on verity story of the fumbling small-town police detectives who fudge the case involving South Korea’s first recorded serial murderer, which happened between 1986 and 1991. Starring Song Kang-ho as Park Doo-man, the detective responsible of the case, and Kim Sang-Kyung as Seo Tae-Yoon, a detective from South Korean capital, Seoul, Memories Of Murder accurately depicts the baffling endeavours at fathoming the noteworthy sequential killings and man behind the wrongdoings.

06) Burning

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies

The complex and compelling story follows a young man who is forced to require over his family farm when his father is shipped to prison. He reunites and becomes infatuated with a woman from his past, but things are complicated when she introduces her wealthy friend who holds a dark secret. the most recent film on this list has already cemented its place together of the most effective films to ever begin of South Korea. While most films on this list feature significant violence, Burning achieves constant reasonable tension from the unknown.

05) Parasite

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies

The parasite is the best and famous Korean Movie. What will be said about this movie that hasn’t already been said? It took home the highest honours at multiple awards shows in early 2020, including Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture at the 92nd annual Academy Awards. This movie is that good.

04) Old Boy

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies

Oldboy is maybe the most famous movie on this list and its popularity is well-earned. While the ill-advised American remake was a flop, the first remains a disturbing action-thriller masterpiece.

03) The Host

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies

Well before Bong Joon-ho acquainted the globe with Parasite, and even the criminally misjudged Okja and the visionary producer was occupied with motion pictures like Memories Of Murder all the more consequently later on and furthermore, the 2006 beast film The Host. relating a lot of similar themes seen in Parasite, The Host centres around Park Gang-du Parasite’s Song Kang-ho and his family after his daughter is viciously abducted and eaten by a monster who lives within the nearby Han River.

02) The Wailing

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies

Released in 2016, Na Hong-jin’s The Wailing tells the story of the little village that has been condemned by a mysterious epidemic of rape and violence upon the arrival of a suspicious stranger. Over time, the trend and suspicion communicate something more sinister because the villagers begin to brutally murder each other. The Wailing features compelling performances from Kwak Do-won as detective Jong-goo and Hwang Jung-min as Il-gwang, a shaman who has been hired to guard the village who is named in after Hwang’s daughter, Hyo-jin (Kim Hwan-hee) becomes infected with constant condition.

01) Train To Busan

Top 10 Best Korean Movies List - And How to Download Korean Movies

As the country is overrun with a zombie outbreak, a bunch of desperate survivors board a train to Busan, the supposed last safe place in Korea. The movie takes the familiar genre and infuses it with thoughtful commentary, unbearable suspense, and a few amazing action sequences. And like many films on the films, the genre film also finds some surprising heart among the mayhem. There are lots of great horror films to come back out of South Korea and also the recent zombie epic Train to Busan is among the perfect of the sub-genre.

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