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15 Things That Are Classy If You're Rich & Trashy If You are Poor

Hello, friends, do you know there's no denying that the rich habit pretty good not only because they can fund their every flight of fancy but also when it comes to certain behaviours. They're let off the hook and even praised as being trendy meanwhile when folks have lesser means do the same things they're judged for being classless or trashy. This article is a little tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken too seriously but there is some truth to it how much truth well you can be the judge of that the world is a judgmental place. So let's dive in and play judge and jury 215 things that are classy if you're rich and trashy if you're poor.

These 15 Things Are Classy If You're Rich But Trashy If You're Poor

1) Idle Hands

The ultimate goal for most of us is not to work but to fulfil it or to make more money but by the end of the month, it is not out of the question to make sure we choose to work. Are Trapped in a rat race and trying to get rid of even more attraction, it is a great pleasure to have the opportunity not to delay for a while so that there is no immediate need to work late about sleep. Be and the way the rich and famous present their lives. Instagram But when they don't have money, they are literally called about. It seems that the ability to do nothing is safe for the rich in the eyes of the world, otherwise, you look poor because you are lazy.

2) Being Outspoken About Wine 

The ability to express your love of wine is definitely safe for the rich. In fact, it does not stop them from enjoying the taste of wine. They host hosts for the rich people around whom food is eaten. And even charitable auctions to fight financially with friends is a bottle of this thing when a poor man really puts wine in his trash. Napoleon Bonaparte once said in the victory that you lose I deserve champagne, you need it. The modern version should be in the wealth that you deserve champagne in poverty.

3 Home is Where You Rest Your Head

Having a clean change of towels a front desk a built-in hairdryer an ensuite and a bucket of ice on demand are all perks of living in a hotel living in a hotel is oh-so classy if you're among the upper echelon but when the same semi-permanent address of a motel is assigned to a lower income earner. It's a classless old chap and speaking of home away from home isn't it contradictory how when rich people set up a temporary shelter we call it camping when the poor do it it's called squatting and if this is starting to sound less like a post and more like your life

4 Letting Things Get A Little Out of Control 

Talking about how you haven't cleaned your house in years means very different things on either side of the income spectrum either you have people who do it for you or you work two jobs and have just resigned yourself to living in your own filth out of absolute exhaustion uh hygiene another thing money can buy if paying someone to do the cleaning seems completely foreign wait until you see what some people pay their staff to do.

5) Who Let The Dogs Out

It's always the perfect accessory to have a chihuahua or two pouring out of your Fendi pack or to have a pack of hunting hounds clamouring out your Land Rover but if you have a few pooches in your pickup truck or a collection of dogs in your driveway you're considered a deadbeat it seems like the whole host of hounds is reserved for the leaders of the pack.

6) Private Security

There's a big difference between a police escort and being escorted by police one is reserved for the rich and famous the other is reserved for crooks and the infamous.

7) It's Somewhere 

It seems that when it comes to keeping a bottle of your best in your office sentence, it is reserved only for the higher echelons of the top management and anyone found with alcohol on their desk is considered a responsibility. It turns out that if you are a lovely rich housewife, by all means, forget to post about your lunchtime Bryoski on your mid-morning mimesis before you return to the warehouse or get a job according to Madeleine Phuket champagne. Suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner for Madeleine without. She is a high-class lady who Amy instead of being named after the wine communication may include any gossip mag.

8) Getting High on Your Own Supply 

It seems like there are a lot of opposites to the coin when it comes to the use of recreational drugs, the Wall Street wolves can openly brag about the amount of frosting they end up working on the elevator and possibly the next. Will be invited to the community. The boss's house. But if a colleague around 7:11 tells of great pressure from Whittz to say that he is smoking, then this is the line of unemployment for you. Friend, if the same is true for college kids, The same fifth-generation Ivy League kids are throwing a party on a chat. Like Candy Mountain for everyone, but if it's a pair of local kids from a joint college, it's nothing good for a thug.

9) Pimp My Ride

If your golden oldie and most valuable possession is a car it can go one of two ways depending on what side of the social divide you're on either you own a Rolls Royce and you're envious neighbours want to know who does your taxes or your pulling up in a rusty Rover and parking where you can roll start again it seems like an old car isn't always a classic.

10) Government Funding

When a CEO or billionaire is able to take advantage of tax breaks or access government grants to augment their personal wealth by blocking a bill, It is also considered a sign of business acumen. Business chambers play and when your accountant claims more than that for executive benefits, the government is fine, but if you find yourself trying to access government funds such as child support or personal income tax allowances. You're like an opportunistic illegitimate freelancer depending on who has a hand in the cookie jar whether we call it financing or freebase but if you really want to know to Be sure to read our article on how to stay rich about the poor things get wrong about money.

11) Family Affair

If you decide to scale back on the fanfare and host your wedding in your garden the size and location of your garden can be a deciding factor on whether. It's high class or low end it seems like hosting your nuptials on the lawns of an estate are classy while hosting a hoedown under your grandma's apple tree is not as chic.

12) Point A to Point B

It's clear that how you look at walking says a lot about your status if you see the ancient art of walking as a mode of transport you're definitely from the wrong side of the tracks according to the wealthy in their eyes walking is purely a form of exercise only done in heat-regulating moisture-wicking advanced technology workout. Where the mere thought of walking to get from one place to another seems reserved for the working-class struggle.

13) The Latest Poll Shows

The wealthy are always ready to run with the latest diet fad or fitness trend from wrapping themselves in seaweed to vibrating their fat away one of the popular trend the past five years, is pole dancing a hardcore very warm and heavy strength-based workout had a bunch of yoga pant clad housewives and it's called a sport and remember to team, it up with a bottle of the fanciest bubbly for the most fun you'll have at 11 o'clock on a Tuesday morning it's the world's away from how pole dancers are considered at the local gentlemen's club.

14) Keeping It Casual 

Casual wear has a whole different rating scale depending on your wealth portfolio pop out in some sweatpants or wrinkled t-shirt and a beanie and you could be considered trailer trash or the founder of a new tech unicorn the public will decide for you and to treat you accordingly.

15) Friends in High Places 

Knowing the name of the local judge means two very different things from the two sides of the fortune cookie. If you always seem to be appearing before the law in an orange jumpsuit you probably don't have a retirement fund in place yet but if you have a judge on speed dial we're assuming. You'll be meeting him privately in his chambers with a bottle of Yamazaki whiskey and here, we are at the end good to not take yourself too seriously once in a while which of these made you laugh the most. Do you have your own rich VS poor contradiction to share with us let us know in the comments and for sticking with us until the end? Here are your boneheads if you think not cleaning your own house is controversial how about leaving the raising of your kids to someone else when the working class. Let their parents or a family member look after their children it's considered a form of neglect but when the wealthy hire a perfect stranger to bring up their kids it's a complete Display of wealth and responsible parenting go figure thank you for spending some time with us.
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