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Hello, friends Money can buy you a lot of things but immortality isn't one of them enter the wealthy on our list their wealth was sometimes their downfall. Here are some of the mysterious circumstances where the rich have met their maker kicked the bucket and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge naturally. We've included one of the most talked-about mysteries on the web right now so stick around for that one and of course, we want to know your theory on whodunit. The veil of mystery and delve into these Case Files of 15 rich people that died in mysterious ways.

1) Princess Diana 

Princess Diana

We couldn't have a list of mysterious deaths without mentioning lady died her death in 1997 was a tragedy caused by her car crashing with a pillar in a tunnel in Paris. While being chased by paparazzi the driver Diana and her partner Dodi Fayed all died after extensive investigation. It was ruled that the driver on RuPaul was responsible for the crash he was drunk and on antidepressants when he lost control of the speeding Mercedes, but this wasn't a widely accepted view many still believe the crash was staged as Diana had expressed fears that she would be murdered the Mystery Continues.

2) Kathleen Peterson 

Kathleen Peterson

Kathleen was found dead in 2001 by the wife of author Michael Ivory Petersen. Kathleen Petersen was found in a pool of blood under the stairs of her home, and her husband, Michael, an aide to 911, listed the most interesting incident on the list in 2003. Michael was convicted of murder but eventually retained his innocence after finally pleading guilty to genocide by Alfred in 2017. He was already living but was released. The path was paved with mysterious and hypothetical ideas, including the accusatory and intrusive balance and an owl. Following Kathleen, several book headlines and even the Netflix series have highlighted the issue, but what really happened to Kathleen that night did not work out.

3) Edmond Safra 

Edmond Safra

Edmund made headlines around the world when he died in the bile fire. The famous banker and philanthropist from a long line of billionaire banking families were at home in Monaco when his two nurses were on the property but Bile failed to save her as she was trapped in a bedroom to escape the fire but eventually succumbed to her injuries before firefighters discharge her, slammed into the bathroom wall behind a slammed door. What happened to some of the luxuries after the interrogation? It was clear that the fire was intentional The finger was pointed at the crime and it was later revealed that he bravely wanted to save the bile so that credit could be obtained. The fire quickly got out of control and his plan failed and he has left behind for eight years bars for the crime.

4) Don Lewis 

Don Lewis

AKA Carol Baskins Second Husband Hey there it's time to immerse your cool cats and kittens in this royal catfight that the world is more divided than social distance that Carol Baskins second husband is very rich Jack Donald Lewis is known as Don Lewis. On August 18, 1997, the couple set up and ran a wildlife sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, but Don Lewis fled to Costa Rica, where he owned and eventually It was intended to be settled. It should be noted that he was not one with the faithful He had told his friends and loved ones that he intended to separate from Baskin and that he had lost his life, even before he disappeared during the weeks and months of his relationship. Fearful because he threatened her and owned her. He even ordered a restraining order against her. The day he went missing, he quickly got up and got into the truck. He was never seen again in 2002 when he was legally pronounced dead at 50 5 million, the assets behind the foreign Carol's Arch Nemesis and the Lion King. Greed is raising the voice about the idea that the Basques put Don Lewis through a meat grinder and fed it to the Tigers. Want to hear your thoughts

5) Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn woke up on August 5, 1962, to the tragic news that Marilyn Monroe had died. Sweetheart of the United States was taken to her LA home at the age of just 36. The cause of death was an overdose of barbiturates. And he ordered suicide. Monroe had to spread rumours of relaxation that really happened that day that the CIA has kept the files on Monroe's death so the true story could not be found only leads to unique theories in which Monroe John F. Kennedy may have been involved in marital affairs. His brother, Robert F. Kennedy, is widely believed to have been the cause of his assassination, according to witnesses. Many items are missing from his home, which was also suspected to be linked to the mafia's retaliation, and even his overdose of sleeping pills was accidental.

6) Michael Rockefeller 

Michael Rockefeller

Michael is the grandson of John D. Rockefeller, the man who was named the world's richest man in the early 1900s. His father, Nelson Rockefeller, was a businessman and politician who was vice president of the United States in the 1970s. A trip to New Guinea for anthropological research where he went missing in real-time. By the time he disappeared, he was in a canoe dug 3 miles off the coast on November 17, 1961, and is now accompanied by an Indonesian audience. What is the region? A Dutch anthropologist Renee was missing and two local guides took the boat into the swamp and replaced the helpers. Oops that Michael and Michael Rennie tried to swim when they embarked on the boat drifting near 12 miles from the coast Security and never seen again. Theories revolved around his death as he was eaten by a saltwater crocodile or shark, and some say exposure and fatigue have improved. I first encountered the details in retaliation for the Dutch intervention but were swamped and a lot of books and movies have been made about the mystery that Michael's mother sent to a private investigator to go to New Guinea. Hired and he probably came back with bald skulls but other accounts deny this and Rockefellers are famous for keeping mom about their family affairs if you want to know more about Rockefellers If so, check out our dedicated article about them.

7) Anton Yelchin 

Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin is a cute animated face actor who snatched our screens in the roles of Paul Chekhov in the rebooted Star Trek movies when he did not come for rehearsal on June 18, 2016, his friends looking for him at his house Went to In California, they locked him between his Jeep Grand Cherokee and a pillar that had already died in his death. Left for and turned the car under the parked driveway and stopped and crushed it. The flawed game is suspected that many fans, following Instagram, did not accept Lindsay Lohan's explanation for Yeltsin's death, blaming Hollywood for the hashtag, which could lead to an arrest. Beginning Elchen is the first member of 27 clubs. Our list goes around to find out who else is part of this exciting club.

8) Robert Johnson 

Robert Johnson

It was a sunny Robert Leroy Johnson, an American blues singer, the songwriter who sold his soul to the devil at a local crossroads for musical success, which is not even strange about his life. That we will talk about his death. On August 16, 1938, at the age of just 27, Robert Johnson gave up his life and his untimely death gave him membership of 27 clubs, but only the date and place of that date in his death certificate. It was stated that no formal autopsy was performed. The black man found on the side of the road near a field at the time had no problem with the police and no immediate cause of death was recorded, from asphalt to honourable husbands in the name of honour. Historians Poisoning her husband in the name of honour while holding a bottle of whiskey was supported by a historian who poisoned Johnson and traced the man who compared him to a 2006 doctor. He pleaded guilty. David Connell came up with the idea that Johnson suffered from morphine syndrome which would cause him to have unnaturally long fingers and an evil eye would mean the physical attribute that made him a great musician. Yes, even the initial cause of death was never closed.

9) Ashraf Marwan 

Ashraf Marwan

When an Egyptian billionaire fell to his death from his apartment there were more motives than an Agatha Christie plot Ashraf Marwan died in 2007 in London, after unexplainably falling from his balcony he had incredible wealth. So we have jealousy he was married to the daughter of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. So we have the revenge he spied for Israel during the tenth years between Egypt and Israel. So you can add espionage to the mix to how's that for plenty of leads for the bobbies to follow however to date his death remains a mystery.

10) Tupac Shakur 

Tupac Shakur

The hip-hop scene in the mid-90s was like a jungle west, as in the case of the fights between the East and West Coast battles, and especially Topic and Buggy Signals, which eventually led to their deaths. There were eleven platinum albums and their total value was 40 40 million at the height of his career on September 13, 1996. Shakur died after being shot by a drive-in Las Vegas, his enemies on the East Coast were the real culprits but to this day No arrests have been made and if you want to know more about the rappers' scenario why Analytics is not only our friends.

11) Dmitry Obretetsky 

Dmitry Obretetsky

In December 2019, Syria's Demetrius Kelly was hit by a car while driving his dog in England and later died in hospital. His company is the official distributor of Nestle and Mars, which made him billions of dollars worth of goods and Was thought to have had political influence over his death. A quiet countryside looks suspicious, so Oh Brett, a Sookie business associate, was recently acquitted on claims that he was appealing to the public for 26 million rubles in his hometown of Volgograd. For information because circumstances seem unfortunate.

12) Natalie Wood 

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was a Hollywood actress married to Robert Wagner on the night of November 28th 1981 along with her co-star in the film brain storm Christopher Walken the couple were moored near Catalina Island on board Wagner's yacht splendour the only other person on board the ship was the captain Dennis tavern Wood went missing during the night while the others reportedly. Were asleep at 8 o'clock the next morning her body was recovered by authorities a mile away from the yacht her death was ruled accidental drowning but the autopsy report listed bruising and cuts on her body that was not related to her death. It also found that Woods blood alcohol content was 0.14 per cent with traces of a motion sickness pill and a painkiller over the past 40 years. The case has been revisited several times with many theories being posed from thieves in the night to domestic squabbles or Affairs being offered as a motive in February 2018 Wagner was named a person of interest in the investigation he was never formally charged and has always maintained his innocence.

13) JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey is one of the most mysterious cases on this list it starts with a kidnapping and ends with a body being found in the same house. It was taken from in 1996 this six-year-old beauty pageant child went missing from her bed while at home asleep in her family's Colorado home a ransom note demanded 118 thousand dollars from her parents in exchange for JonBenet's safe return eight hours later. Her parents decided to look in the basement of their home and found their daughter's body the case has taken many twists at first. The parents were accused then her brother years later John Mark Karr admitted to killing Jon Benet but DNA showed it wasn't a match and he has later released the case still remains one of the wildest childhood murders ever.

14) Mozart 

Mozart, the most famous musician of all time, died untimely. Indeed, in 1791, when Mozart was 35 years old, his stomach began to swell, and in December he began to stink and was insulted. He died a few days after moving here and putting a cold cloth on his forehead. He was diagnosed with Larry's disease, a form of tuberculosis, but his wife and many others thought he was poisoned. Because Mozart had announced before his death that I knew I had to kill someone. Aquata Fiona gave me a mixture of arsenic and other toxins and calculated the exact time of my death for which they ordered a request. This is for me. I am writing to the person whom he accused. The rival was composer Antonio Celery Salari. He even denied any involvement. He even sent a student to the ministry at the time of his death to tell him that he had no interest whatsoever. Mozart, who was caught up with Mozart in revealing his secrets, was also known for writing syphilis in the Magic Float opera, but Mozart's commitment to his wife and his work left little time for unmarried activities. Was left with a parasite that could cause trichinosis even after the musician's death. Mozart's skeleton is a mystery lost along with his medical record.

15) Honey and Barry Sherman 

15) Honey and Barry Sherman

In 2018 when honey and Barry Sherman were found in their basement pool area with a leather belt around their neck detectives first considered. It a murder-suicide but things didn't add up the way they were positioned and that Barry was untouched but honey showed other injuries the couple were in their 70s the family were angry that the suicide had been implied and wanted the police to immediately investigate the scene as a murderer Barry Sherman amassed his fortune by founding a protects a very successful pharmaceutical company.

His net worth was three billion dollars according to Forbes but people closer to the couple estimated it to be around 10 billion the family lawyered up to prevent any information with regard to the Sherman's will being made public as is customary they opened a tip line and offered a ten million dollar reward for information leading to an arrest tension between the family and police might have been the reason not all tips were investigated. It's hard to know the case remains unsolved and the long list of suspects who had beef with the Sherman's seems to keep growing and dear here we are at the end what are your theories on these mysterious deaths and most importantly. Where do you think dawn lewis's let us know in the comments for sticking with us until the end though here's your bonus we promise to tell you what the 27 club is. 

So let's do it there's a growing number of famous singers and actors who've all died at 27 years old we mentioned Anton Yelchin and Robert Johnson but there many more Amy Winehouse died in 2011 in her London home from alcohol poisoning Kurt Cobain died of suicide in 1994 Jim Morrison Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin all died from drug overdoses and Brian Jones the original lead singer of The Rolling Stones drowned in his swimming pool all aged 27 thank you for spending some time with us.
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