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Interesting Fact About Turkey 2021

Some interesting things you did not know about Turkey. Welcome to where they came to get inspired for the future billionaire fun facts about turkey, If you want to marry a beautiful Muslim girl in Turkey, it is very easy there we are here in a fascinating video again. We keşifediy Today Turkey is beautiful. Turkey is one of the transcontinental country in Asia and holds the European territory. since the paleolithic era Assyrians, Greeks and is preferred by many civilizations such as the central settlement from the 14th century Armenians spent the war on Turkey fight until the early 20th century.

The current political situation is also turbulent. Where did we get so much information about this country, which we are used to seeing in headlines? because a resource dedicated to showing the most beautiful places in the world situation can be found herself we also want to show you the 15 things you may not know about Turkey. Turkey to host the 2 to the 7 wonders of the world and Salary Job in Turkey.

He thinks that people are usually the world wonders in Egypt or Greece, but in Turkey, Is Turkey expensive? is Turkey cheap it seems to be included in the numerator Temple of Artemis Hunting and birth is known as the god Arthemis are known by name to the ancient Roman Diana temple ancient city Ephesu're now has next and predictable manner Halicarnassus mausoleum has turned the case ruin 4 in 353 BC by the Greek sculptor ruins in Turkey today can be seen easily from the basement near the city 2 drink soup before any meal Turkey is a very common tradition, even before breakfast? No matter what time of day, Turks love soup.

Turkish Food and Breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal. They usually consume meat, cheese, and bread for breakfast, but they always start with soup. In the winter, the soup starts to be consumed before each meal, and it is served with yogurt, bulgur or wheat. Turkish guests do not get up from the host table without finishing eat-in plates and villages burp in cutting quite normal that 3 Santa Claus techniques as Turkey was born Aziz accepted as the source and protagonist of the Santa Claus story of St. 

Nicholas was born in Turkey of course at that time Turkey had Roman territory where it's located and St. Nicholas was a bishop crucial killed 3 children, who promised to restore the death of Nicholas, miraculously taken off a ship in goods doubled and has become famous for his gift in the modern world to deploy in Turkey. 

Four countries online most FaceBook and countries with users Turkish users is approaching 300 million on Facebook in this case. When you consider that only online, in 58% of the country is really interesting Turkey has already embraced the social media world and they constitute one of the largest online communities is one of the reasons why? 
it is young the majority of the population Considering the number of users so that we can say that 50% of the population is under 30 years of age 5 not be surprised. 

If Turkey is also called Chicken Breast served a pudding a popular Turkish dessert. It gives the recipe. It was generally served to the sultans in the Ottoman period and it was a privilege to taste this dessert. If it was served to you, you should try it. Their plans were discovered in the 1950s. These plans proved that the biggest inventor of the time fell in 1503 to connect the two sides of Istanbul with a bridge. 

However, it is still unknown that these plans were not processed, but the sultan of the time gifted a mill and a water pump to Da Vinci. and we know that Da Vinci's it gratefully accepts 13 7 Turkey is home to the UNESCO world heritage you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, but this legacy only saw Turkey's provinces and does not consist of superb beaches spas The magnificent mosques and sacred places and national parks are on the heritage list. 

Looking at the country's magnificent history dating back to ancient times, you can see a lot of Greek and Roman artifacts, some of which date back to 129 BC. can you 8 Many Turks did not carry a surname until 1934 The surname law, which enabled all Turkish citizens to have their surnames, came into force in 1934. 

Before that, people took the surname of their fathers as in many other countries. 2013 according to the data surname most commonly used in the country,  Yilmaz du. 9 is more than any other country in the number of journalists have been arrested in Turkey many careers are as dangerous as those with being killed for Syria and know Russian anyone. 

But Referring to journalists thrown into prison Turkey ranks first thrown in the prison context of the fight with the majority of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) n Occurs government has criticized him authors and print media for the dismissal of journalists of supporting so many authors prefer to keep silent so censoring themselves from the prison to embark fear we've been given a gift of 10 part-time Cleopatra Mark Antony and beach now called Turkey in Alanya in order to impress her when they married Cleopatra was a gift. 

The beach of Cleopatra is a fascinating place and the island of Cleopatra on its shore is like a jewel. so much so that the Egyptian queen thought it was her own paradise. and today the island can be traveled by yachts. 11 The most expensive mansion in the world is located on the shores of Istanbul The mansion, decorated with a classical style that connects the East with the West, is worth 115 million dollars. 

It was designed by Alexandra Valiree for one of the viziers of Abdulhamit II and is now on sale. 12 One of the most expensive restaurants in Istanbul only accepts cash. The Kusadasi Restaurant offers 360 degrees of viewing pleasure and a great view to its customers. The restaurant serves traditional Ottoman and Turkish dishes with small and stylish designs. 

It is not important to come here with your American Express card because they only accept cash. It is very common in Turkish restaurants, no matter how luxurious it is, we recommend you to have cash with you. 13 Turks are very patriotic. The Turkish flag is sacred and has great national value, so they proudly wave the Turkish flag everywhere. 

Turkish flag sales increased greatly after the July 15 coup attempt. 1.5 million flags of the coup attempt were purchased by citizens who want to demonstrate their loyalty to the country a day after the elections to participate in an 85% participation rate is high like in last elections in Turkey is provided which citizens indicate that they wondered country. 

Where to go and that the country cares about the future of the 14 selection of Turkish women and considers that Turkey also human rights because it is an Islamic country has achieved prior to the territory of a European the right to be elected and equality heavy progress. 

But Turkish women in 1930 gained the right to vote and to be elected before France, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, and Switzerland. Selecting and Saudi Arabia, which recently accessed countries have recognized the right to be elected to the citizens of the right to a full 85 years. 

After the Trojan actually not in Greece from Turkey 15 passes in Turkey. Helen was abducted, the Trojan ancient city that large wooden horse made is believed to be within the borders of Turkey, known as Asia Minor are located in the European part of Turkey should think. That it is entirely a fiction of years people Trojan film can be seen still some of the inner walls of this city also now evidence that the nature of this ruins the event of Turkey's territory all about Turkey We are accustomed to hearing news but it is a fact that there is often bad news for those who will visit this country. 

It is also a magnificent place and it has as much historical importance as Greece and Egypt and its view makes this country one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you visited this wonderful country, where would your first stop be? Would you like to go on a tour where you can open the doors of the ancient world? Or would you like to visit the modern streets of this country and meet the patriotic citizens? Are you still here? Then you really bizarre and incredible knowledge than letting According to legend, Noah's Ark on Turkey first As Turkey is seated to the east of the mountain with Mount Ararat they argue that the Protestant scout's Pain remains of Noah's ship under the mountain found, but there are two opposing views on whether the rating that ruins it.
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