Real True American New Horror Story - Horror Story Hindi Urdu 2020

Hello, Friends, my name is john this happened three years ago. I moved out of my parents' house once I started making a study paycheck. I'm a plumber and one day I had to go to someone's house to fix some pipes.

There was a married couple and their daughter living there their daughter was 22 at the time she was six months older than me and her name was Jenifer. While I was working she was talking to me asking if I was single and stuff like that and, to be honest, she seemed pretty cute.

We exchanged phone numbers and eventually started dating and she even moved into my house. We were three months into our relationship and stuff started to get out of hand she was always getting mad and annoyed. So easily she always started arguments and so on this began to happen all the time even in public which was incredibly embarrassing. One day I had enough and I had to break up with her and I told her to leave and never come back. Jenifer was pretty pissed off when I said that I just ignored her and she was packing her stuff.

She finally left or so I thought after that day she would always show up in my house harass me throw rocks in my window and so on I had called the cops many times. But she was gone by the time they showed up about a month later when I came home from work. I would find her in her house yelling at me to come back hard find writing on my walls would say come back.

I'll kill you the writing eventually went from pencil to marker and then around fuckin blood and Jess and being serious. When I said a blood that bitch carved my name a bunch of times into her arms and legs she only got into my house because I forgot to take the house key back from her at the time in hindsight. I'm such an idiot I know that psycho knew where my parents lived and showed up to their house during the night my mom has had a heart attack when she woke up to the sound of a knife being tapped on the window glass.

when she woke up she saw Jenifer standing there staring at her while psychotically smiling at her Jenifer did a lot which really pissed me off so one night I decided to stay overnight at my parents' house. It was about 2:00 in the morning I heard a tapping noise in the window next to me I turned and saw Jenifer staring right at me her eyes were wide open and red she had bags in her eyes and a huge smile.

I went outside and I started yelling at her to stay away from me and my family but she screamed the top of her lungs and charged at me with a knife. I punched her right in the face which knocked her out I called the cops and made sure Jenifer didn't wake up while they were arriving the cops came quickly while Jenifer was knocked out they found my house key on her and she was arrested and eventually sentenced for a long while. after Jenifer was sentenced my parents and I moved out of state because we'd like to stay as far away from Jenifer as we possibly can. Because she will eventually be released.
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