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Pakistani batsman Babar Azam gave this answer to the letter 2020

Jaipur Sports Desk Cricket has come to a standstill due to Coronavirus and due to this many players are active on social media by staying at home. Cricketers are constantly connected with their fans. Recently, a five-year-old fan wrote a letter to Babar Azam of Pakistan, whose response was also received from the player. Let us know that Babar Azam is one of the emerging players in the world and he has made a lot of fan flow. Now the five-year-old wrote that Babar Azam is my favorite cricketer.

He was born in Pakistan. He was 5 when I met him. I will meet him again after my foot operation. He is the most prolific batsman of the T20s. Please tell that the letter of this five-year-old child has been shared by Somerset County. Not only this, but Babar Azam also replied on Twitter by reading the letter of this child named Oscar.

He wrote - 'Hey Oscar, thanks for this note. You're a rockstar. Study well and play. I would like to meet you Like the whole world, Pakistan is also battling the Coronavirus these days. Please tell that due to Corona, the fifth season of Pakistan Super League could not be played in full. Pakistan Super League 2020 was canceled before the semi-finals and final due to Corona. Babar Azam is a great batsman as well as captain of the Pakistan team in the limited format.
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