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How To Pray Namaz - The Right Way to Pray Salah

This post is very important today because today I will tell you exactly how to pray namaz. It is an obligation upon a Muslim and a Muslim is to offer no excuse when it involves offering Salah. The contribution of (Salah) Namaz furthermore to speaking to the accommodation of Muslims to their Lord additionally has different advantages likewise which are profoundly valued by each Muslim. The foundation of Salah is one in all of the key points whereupon the Quran has underlined very anything else. In Quran Allah Almighty has worried upon Muslims to discover to offer Salah routinely and with notices of offering Salah Allah has additionally referenced its advantages with it too. The lines below give the most important benefits of Salah that elaborate on the importance of Salah. Prayer is a very important place in Islam There is no room for error in any way. Prayer is the first place in Islam and we are advised to pray five times. Today I will show you how to read prayer with pictures

When you are asked to Say or Recite or Read within the directions. The sound must not be loud and at a similar time not totally silent. It should be loud enough only for your ears to listen to it and not so loud that someone next to you'd be ready to hear your recitation clearly. If a person next to you'll hear only a mimic from you, that's fine. If you're surrounded by a noise like a fan's noise and you're powerless to know your recitation, it's okay. within the utmost quite room you must be able to understand your recitation. In any case, it must say it loud enough as mentioned above.

Namaz Full

First, we will stand up and read this prayer

 2) After that, we will lay hands and recite this prayer

Then come in prostration and start this prayer

Then there are certain prayers that you can read after prayer.

How to Perform & Read Namaz - Namaz Parhne Ka Sahi Tarika

In a nutshell, people who learn and read Quran on a regular basis are conversant in the importance of Salah and the way strongly has Allah Almighty emphasized that and explained its importance to the people in the Quran. A Muslim must realize that above anything, Salah is an obligation and each Muslim must fulfill his or her obligation.
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