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How Much is 1 Million in Indian and Pakistani Rupees

Every country has its own calculation of money, sometimes its rate is low and sometimes a high 1 million Indian is equal t 10 lakh and exactly the same as Pakistani rupees. As the economy turns out, its rate remains high but if viewed, one million can be made up of 10 lac rupees, even if it is calculated directly.

1 Million Dollars Equal to Indian and Pakistani Rupees

How Much is 1 Million is Indian and Pakistani Rupees

Now let's talk about the dollars, if there are 1 million dollars then these Indians become 75757500, and if made Pakistani they become some 1672327, And from this calculation, you see that every country has its own calculation.

How Much is 1 Million is Indian and Pakistani Rupees

How to convert Lakhs and Crores to Millions and Billions

Let me explain to you today the details, so please read this post carefully and you will all understand. we are going to be discussing the Indian Numbering System, and it’s relevance in today’s world Take a look at this number, what would you call this? 10 to the power of 6? 1 million, or 10 lakhs? This example illustrates how the way we count numbers in India is fundamentally different from the way numbers are counted in the rest of the world.

The Indian number framework has its foundations in the old Vedic framework which is more than 3000 years of age. After some time, it has developed, trading components with the Arabic and Western number frameworks and getting disentangled during interpretations between various national and universal dialects. The system commonly employed by India and a few of its neighbors today looks something like this. 

One Ten Hundred Thousand Ten Thousand Then things get a touch interesting While the remainder of the planet calls 10 raised to five, that's 1 followed by 5 zeros, 100 thousand, we call it one lakh Then 1 million is mentioned as 10 lakhs in India 10 million is 1 crore And lastly, 100 crores are that the same as 1 billion As you'll see even the location of commas differs between the 2 systems. 

Indian system places the primary comma after 3 digits, then 2, 2, 2 then on... while the Western system uses batches of three digits. At the 100 crore mark, this technique gets a touch more confusing. supported the Indian numbering system 100 crores should be labeled as 1 Arab. In fact, the Indian numbering system has unique names for every 10 to facility 2 increase, but we seem to possess abandoned them in our day-to-day use, for instance, 10 followed by 12 zeros is mentioned together lakh-crore, this is often actually ten-shared within the Indian numbering system and one trillion within the Western system. 

Also, note the inconsistent comma arrangement. What we've here then, maybe a confusing hybrid between the Vedic, Arabic and Western Numbering systems, which results in complicated sizable amount conversions and calculations. As I shall now demonstrate. India’s GDP is around 2.2 trillion dollars – or is it 2.2 lakh crore or 22 kharab Now let’s convert that into rupees at the prevailing rate of exchange ₹64.5 rupees to the dollar hmmm. 

Scientific Notation makes this a touch easier The result's 142 trillion rupees or 142 lakh crore or is it 1.42 crore, crore or is it 1.42 Neel – the first Vedic system this is often all supported would call it 142 shanks, I don’t know if I pronounced that correctly! Our population at the time of recording this is often 1.33 billion people, which could even be written together Arab 33 crores or Ek saw the-tees crore Changing the way that a lot of people count is not an easy task, so Should India switch from counting in lakhs and crores to using millions and billions? Let me know within the comments section below. many thanks for watching If you wish the video don’t forget to love, share then subscribe to my channel for more videos like this.

How Much is 1 Million is Indian and Pakistani Rupees

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