How Many Minutes Are In a Day, How Many Seconds in a Day

How Many Minutes Are In a Day, How Many Seconds in a Day

Today I'm going to answer a question the question is how many minutes in a day let's go to the answer section and here is the answer one day equals 1,440 minutes and that's all for me thank you.

How Many Seconds in a Day

If you're going to answer a question about how many seconds you have in one day. I think that's question yes that's this question how many seconds are in a day, so you will have this problem. If you are in 3rd-grade offset or 7th grade in a junior high school usually well you'll have trouble with counting seconds comfort to are eaten for two days and for two months for a year and this example. 

I will tell you about how many seconds or in a day well here's the answer to the question in every single day we'll have 86,000 and 400 seconds. Now Derby condition what if my teacher asked me about how many seconds do we have in 10 days, how this how many days how many seconds we have in 10 days. let's answer sprawl the first thing that we need to do is we need to multiply base number 10 with one day which is 10 multiplied with one day is equal to 10 days and give it, an equal sign because we multiply the 10 in the line must multiply 10 min the rights well and we multiply the number with this number. 

You know why I'm much black chain one and ten with this number because actually, we want to answer yep so 10 multiplied d is not equal to 10 multiplied with thickening, that's class 0 that is why. I multiply 10 with one day and, I multiply 10 with it's a very low 86,400 seconds that's why I make the multiplication okay now 10 days is equal to well let's multiply this number 864000. 

This is what we have uttered multiply the number that's the answer to the question. So if your teacher asks you about ten days how many seconds do we have in 10 days then here's the answer in 10 days we'll have eight hundred and sixty-four thousand seconds well that's the answer thank you for watching if you have any further questions and forget to pay it and come boss well thank you.
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