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Easy & Quick Home Haircut Tip, Cut Your Own Hair Simple 2020

Easy & Quick Home Haircut Tip, Cut Your Own Hair Simple 2020

In today's post, I will tell you how we can cut our hair at home whether it is male or female, because everything is closed nowadays due to lockdown, neither women nor girls can get their hair cut and not boys, so today I will tell you how you can cut your own hair at home.

Haircut For Long Hair

Let's get down to business so for this job you're gonna need a few tools you're gonna need a handheld me or something to see the back of your head you're also gonna needs a pair of sharp scissors a comb and then in this box Old. Faithful my hair clipping set guys I'm gonna link to a few of these down on Amazon. Today I'm dusting off the old clippers for a little an old-school haircutting tutorial and I'm doing this because I need a haircut. 

It's been a minute it's been about three weeks since I've gotten my cut and I'm not going out to the barber or to see someone I don't think any of us are for a little while and so I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to test out my old skills and see. If I still got the touch cutting your own hair isn't all that complicated or difficult it takes a little practice, if you have the right tools though you can do and after I cut it I'm gonna style it to see how bad I jacked it up that one is wet your hair.

Haircut For Women & Men Very Easy 2020

Make sure to get in the back the sides all over when you're finished towel dry once your hair is dried grab your comb now what we want to do is actually get the majority of your hair up all right off of the sides all right. What I want you to do is to actually find where you normally part your hair find your part and get your hair out of your face and then on the other side we're also getting the hair off of the side. See you section off your hair you basically have the top and then you've got the side most haircutting sets are going to come with five attachments.

Well you have micro-adjustments here too and so I'm really going to start with the number four I don't really know how long my hair is because I haven't cut it in a while but I The doer starts from here around the temple and goes up and looks. How they do it and they are pushing you out and right you can go to your hair and then you are going to do the other way before you move too. It takes a while to get used to holding your handheld mirror back and forth on both sides, but honestly it's not so bad that you just have to try to remember that We're stuck inside. If you jack up the back, it's not a big deal. It's okay and it'll come back. It's going to drop a little bit from the bottom. Remember it's about to fade right now and even pull out instead of going all the way. Right now it's fine and right now, I'm using the number 2 attachment right now, some hair is just starting to come on.

Haircut Salon - Haircut Boys Very Simple 2020

Going a little further I'm going to go to number one but then I'm actually going to move the bill. Now as far as it's going to be okay what I'm doing next is actually getting smaller like my sideburn temple area. And then like the base of my neck now depends on how many days you can stop you. Anytime but I like to tighten it a bit and so I'm mixing a number in it with the beard and it's all in order to roll the couplers so that a nice line, as opposed to a tight line, Gradually fade. Before I go upstairs I'm really going to clean my ears and neck now for those of you who haven't been there before I told your mom my dad's my girlfriend my husband I would recommend meeting. The wife who really helps because it can be a little difficult but I've done it before so I'll try to do it right around the ears again and okay on the other side there [music] take your time If you need it, the second part of it is not right now. If you need it, it will go well and it will not help to slow down. Your hair dries on top. You want to make sure that You will get wet like this again because it is easy to cut here. Well, the part where you are pulling it with your fingers is right.

Haircut Styles For Girls Simple 2020

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In the next section you will be able to cut your scissors on your fingers. Doing is moving towards the top part of your hair OK you start from the front and then what you are going to do and start on the next part, ok pull it back from there and just top the section of tips Knock on the top. The hint is it's a little bit and all you do is fix your part and leave your head behind so now we're going to start a little bit from there and just a little bit of where it started. The home haircut is complete. I'm going to come back for a shower and get it styled.

Haircuts For Kids Very Easy Simple in Home

I hated it so much and now one word from our sponsors you know the amazing thing is that it's awful though things will go a little crazy though I promise you I also want you to know that as long as we live together we will take care of each other we will be fine you know that when we get together collectively So we're so incredibly flexible and amazing that we can do anything right now. It's a little weird and we don't. Do Don't know what to do, time is hard but they will get better and you are amazing in terms of batten slaves with a company unless you send our incredible grooming product to your shipping partners DHL on a daily basis Are To run boys you should expect you to have a disruption in service or expect your incredible hair and guys if your interest is catching something that Pete and Pedro are trying So maybe there's going to be a link with a super special disco for you guys no matter what you need. 

I realize that time is tight. I realized that things are a bit crazy but at the end of the day one thing. All I need is for you to take care of yourself and take care of other people. And just be safe you know things are crazy but I promise you it will get better moment by moment. Let's see how I got it right. I'm going to apply. Heat-resistant sprays work five squares. If you use a hairdryer fly tier, it is important that your style as usual. For me, sea salt spray is one two three four five six seven square. If you want to know more like this, please share our post as much as possible so that I can bring you such tips.
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