10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2021

Today we are Cruising the great seaside in Australia or driving some of the world's most expensive electric cars along the romantic route to Germany. Electric cars combine practical images with a reliable vehicle that not only saves you money but also environments on the list eliminate practical ideas whose prices match their standards. Can't get on the streets yet, or very few are designed that owning one will definitely be worthwhile and some have disappeared for now.

10) Tesla Roadster - $250,000

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

The first electric car was manufactured by Robert Anderson in 1832, and we have come a long way since the beginning of those days if you mention the words electric car Tesla is usually the first brand that comes to mind Tesla in July. Released its first Roadster Production in 2006 ended 2011, and in 2014 a new Roadster was brought to our attention that the new Roadster was developed by Franz Van Hull House and revealed at the end of the Tesla Semi Event in 2017. That customers could pre-order with the car. One, 50,000 deposits and its sale price was two million, the 1000 models previously produced will be sold for $ 250,000 and will be called the base series, which was initially to be released to Tesla Roadster in 2020 but This date has been changed. Until 2021 when Kasturi believes it will never exceed the 644 all-time booking record for a production car.

9) Aston Martin Rapide E - $255,000

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

It is not yet clear whether this electric car is dead or alive and Austin Martin is not saying so, or if this was the first time he unveiled the electric car at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2019. Entered the lucrative market of manufacture and informed the people. They will only produce 155 of them with a 65 kW battery and will have two electric motors with a total output of 602 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque, which is at least 0 to 60 mph. Will go to For more than 4 seconds and reaching speeds of up to 155 mph, it is said that the company is partnering with Williams Advanced Engineering with the same team that built the original high-speed prototype auto car. The report was made in which it was stated that Austin Martin had restrained his electric car's ambitions, but an Austin Martin spokesman responded by saying that he could not comment on product speculation, so when it was 5 It is unclear if 255,000 vehicles will be available for purchase, but usually in October 2018 in Transit Aust. D Martin focuses on getting out of a lot of debt auto parts accounted for 60% of which he is taking the right steps to get out of debt and have better cash flow, but we may have Stanton Martin You have to be patient before watching the release of Rapid II, though some reports suggest that when it becomes available it may cost $ 300,000, which gives us some extra time to save.

8) Rolls Royce 102 EX $500,000

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

Even if you have five hundred thousand dollars for this beauty, you will not be able to buy one for yourself because only one prototype version was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 and run by the Generals. Motorcycles had field day test driving, also known as the Phantom Experimental Electric and it is said that the only major change is the V12 engine that has been replaced by the battery pack and the motor offers a 290kW and 124 mph range. Only the electric car battery weighs 640. The kilogram or 1400 pounds and charging it correctly, you need to charge the battery for 20 hours before you set it on special pads on the ground is said to charge the car for eight seconds. It can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour with less than being reported. Automotive reporters praised the vehicle at the reception, but Rolls said the customer's response was mild, though the price of this particular version is $ 500,000 It is estimated that if the car goes full production, it will cost you. 1.6 million dollars in the region.

7) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive - $550,000

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

Let's start with the first iteration of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was introduced in 2009. It was a limited-edition sports car with two seats and the front-engine engine was said to be about that. He is the spiritual successor of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gulling. Ahead of 2012 and the world has introduced the first electric version of this car in which less than 100 electric cars were manufactured by Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive between 2012 and 2014 and you are very wealthy To get a car in which The four electric motors make 740 bhp 737 lb-ft of torque but the 1200-pound battery lowers the car and reaches speeds of 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph. Was. It took only three hours to charge the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG electric drive but the weight and cost were a big hindrance to potential buyers and the car was not as successful as they had hoped.

6) Genovation GXE Corvette - $750,000

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

From distance and near it looks like a regular Corvette, but more than that it is officially the fastest legal electric car in the world and it breaks the world record with 800 horsepower and manual transmission. It comes standard with the first record when the car was able to reach 209 mph in 2017 or three hundred and thirty-three three kilometers per hour, but this record was broken when the same vehicle had 210 miles per hour. Hours or at speeds of 338 km / h, the proving grounds of the Junior Borough are located in Merritt Island Florida, There is still plenty of speed, though, when the latest model was released in Geneva in 2018, it was said that the car will reach the rear-wheel-drive at 220 mph and you have more speed. With a weight distribution of 130 miles is about 50/50 and only 75 of these cars can be manufactured for $ 700.

5) Rimac Concept One - $980,000 - $1.2 Million

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

Rimac Automobile II decided to build this beauty in Croatia in 2013, saying it was the fastest electric car and Richard Hammond could potentially guarantee it in 2017 when it was a Grand Tour. An episode of Top Gear was filming. While in Switzerland the fourth and final stage of the rocky climb on the hill was an accident when driving the rim when it reached a corner too fast and did not break over time causing the rear tire to be lost. Stood up and the car fell. Off the track, he again broke a barrier and wandered a few times before falling down the hill Fortunately Hammond was relatively uninjured but the car was not so lucky and burst into flames. An anonymous Spanish buyer was going to produce 88 in the latest version of the car in 2013, only one of which Hammond crashed, with each wheel having a separate motor with electricity. With 1088 bhp and onboard computers you can make the car oversteer or even go four wheels that can reach speeds of up to 227 mph and the next 2.8 seconds on our list. I can hit speeds of up to 60 miles per hour when you thought the RAM might not be. No other model was unveiled and it really does.

4) Rimac C Two - $1,970, 150 - $2.1 Million

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

At the 88th Geneva International Motor Show in 2018, the latest remake of the unveiled C-2 was revealed to be far better than they imagined was actually promised to be just 150 units and all 150 They went into hiding within three weeks and most buyers, including an additional six hundred fifteen thousand 300 per buyer. The C2 has some impressive specs, with 1888 horsepower and 1,696 lb-ft of torque, which can reach 1.8 mph at 60 mph. 5 seconds and its fastest speed is 256 miles per hour, or 412 kmph when you realize that the car weighs a thousand nine hundred fifty kilograms or 4,300 pounds when fully compensated once. If taken, she will be able to calculate the distance. There is a high-speed charging option to receive the same percentage of charge in thirty minutes, in addition to six hundred fifty kilometers or four hundred and four miles.

3) Pininfarina Battista -  $2.5 Million

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

This electric sports car was developed in Germany by automobile manufacturer and they have revealed at the Geneva Motor Show on paper that this all-electric car should be the fastest in the world because the automobile Eponine Freina claims it is from 0 Can reach 62 miles per hour. In two seconds and it can reach speeds of up to 250 miles per hour, but until this innovation proves GXE Coretti has withheld the title that the automobile renaissance has replaced sports utility vehicles, including electric vehicles or an EV. Intended to release the full range that will be available to everyone. Luxury market and big spenders If electric cars aren't high enough, you can also look at the world's 10 most expensive cars for some other luxury driving experiences in 2020.

2) Neo EP9 - $3,222,650

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

The two-seater sports car was developed by Nine in just 18 months and, if helped, their Formula E racing division debuted at London's Saatchi Gallery and sold six million investors to three million. Twenty-two thousand six hundred and fifty dollars each sold for nine has been announced, making it available to a million people for $ 12 million. There are some records of this vehicle, including the fastest lap of the electric car in the US Circuit Paul Record Circuit, and the Shanghai International's Mr. EP9 can reach 62 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds and 350 km. Battery length is 265 miles per hour or 217 miles per hour and the car has a modern truck vectoring system so you can adjust the power output on each wheel.

1) Aspark OWL - $3,220,200 

10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

Aspark launched in 2018 on a Japanese engineering firm's mission to build the fastest electric car in the world, the result of the Aspark Owl being revealed at the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show and some great things about its capabilities. Have been The car claims to spark that the car can reach 60 miles per hour in 1.6 nine seconds; four electric motors are producing 1985 horsepower and 1475 lb-ft of torque, with the owl just too light, Weighs 50 kilograms, weighing only 50 kilograms. They are ready to be manufactured but this could delay production due to the outbreak of 19 garments because production had to start in the 2020 handle zire which has to be wrapped. 10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World 2020

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