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10 INCREDIBLE and Amazing Survival Bunkers Rich People Invest In

Today in these uncertain times it's not a bad idea to start thinking about your next big financial decision installing a bunker might have sounded outrageous just a couple of weeks ago. But bunker companies are seeing an increase of two thousand percent in bunker inquiries, because of Kovach 19 the driving force behind building a shelter is protection from nuclear warfare disease economic collapse environmental catastrophe and of course, an apocalypse planning to go underground involves. Not just purchasing food and beverages but also mentally preparing for a life without sunshine and fresh air and no amount of money can provide. Those elements that nature gives us for if you're not willing to take your chance in this unpredictable world, but haven't got quite enough to move into one of these bunkers we'll give you some advice to build your own bunker.

10) Atlas Galvanized Steel Underground Shelter $19,000

10 INCREDIBLE and Amazing Survival Bunkers Rich People Invest In

Atlas has a solid reputation for delivering survival shelters dating back to the Cold War-era the original company started in the 50s in Sacramento California. Their main range includes fallout shelters tornado shelters and the NATO series with these common features the shelter doors are gas-tight airtight waterproof and bullet resistant. Your budget will determine the kind of bunker you're able to purchase for about $19,000 you can order a bunker to go in your backyard. This affordable option measures 8 foot by 8 foot its weighs 8 tons and has an air filtration system an armor-plated hydraulic hatch toilet and collapsible bunk beds. If you'd like to invest a bit more considering Washington from the platinum series Washington will require a down payment of four hundred and forty-two thousand eight hundred dollars. It's a four-bedroom underground bunker with every amenity you would need in these situations it's more a case of the survival of the richest as a to the survival of the fittest.

9) Vivos $35,000 

10 INCREDIBLE and Amazing Survival Bunkers Rich People Invest In

This California-based company was founded by Robert Vecino and they're known for using fear to drive the sales of their underground shelters. They've successfully used prophecies from the Bible Nostradamus and various prophets to warn potential clients of an Armageddon volcanic eruptions Anarchy comets and asteroids before buying one of their bunkers. It's reported that you must undergo an extensive interview to prove that you can contribute to the survival of the planet the first shelter is in Indiana and can accommodate 80 people it can withstand twenty Megaton nuclear bomb and sold out at thirty-five thousand dollars a person they also have vivos x-point in South Dakota where you can buy a shelter for between seventeen thousand five hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars with the very basics in terms of fittings. There is a 99-year lease you need to sign at $1,000 a year, these bunkers are big enough to accommodate 10 to 20 people each and there are five hundred and seventy-five of them.

8) NORAD Shelter Systems - $40,000 - $250,000

10 INCREDIBLE and Amazing Survival Bunkers Rich People Invest In

This American company can offer you everything you require for a smooth transition from above ground to below ground thanks to the hard work and dedication of their principal mechanical engineer Walton W Mac Aarthi McCarthy was the former president of radius engineering and had been building bomb shelters since 1978. His interest in this line of work was piqued when he overheard a conversation between a family discussing their suicide pact should there be a nuclear war. The young girl in the family asked if she grew up would it be possible for her to be a fashion designer McCarthy wrote several books on the effect of designing and manufacturing of underground shelters. he has 12 patents to his name and has installed 1,400 underground shelters to date a standard shelter comes with a kitchen bathroom beds and nuclear biological and chemical protection. Costs fluctuate depending on what you installed but things like gun vaults escape hatches and electromagnetic protection will bump up the price quite a bit.

7) Trident Lakes - $449,000 - $1.9 Million

10 INCREDIBLE and Amazing Survival Bunkers Rich People Invest In

When shrine at lakes was being pitched to potential buyers they had an unusual combination of decadence and DEFCON 1 preparedness. This was the place to invest if you wanted to survive the apocalypse. If you wanted a piece of safety it would cost you between four hundred and forty-nine thousand to one point nine million dollars the developers had to recoup their costs of three hundred million dollars to get the land ready for survival the estate above-ground was an upmarket Country Club Estate and below ground featured condominiums and communal living. It's unclear how far construction went because in 2018 trident lakes filed for bankruptcy owner and manager John Eckert was accused of money laundering perhaps now with the world on edge waiting for the final tip. Shrine at lakes might see some sort of revival and ale Xers prepare yourself because there is a survival bunker that is so top secret you'll need a password just to access their website.

6) Atlas Missile Silo Home - $750,000

10 INCREDIBLE and Amazing Survival Bunkers Rich People Invest In

In Saranac New York sits a 40-year old missile silo defense workers once sat in this silo waiting for orders to initiate a missile strike decommissioned years ago. This silo was converted into a survival bunker able to withstand nuclear war inside you'll come across strong reminders of the Cold War control panels and display clocks prominently showing the time across three continents. There are domestic furnishings like a beautifully finished kitchen ensuite bedrooms and a media room the silo is surrounded by thick forest making the inhabitants feel more secure and should there be a need for a quick escape there's also an airplane runway and a storage hangar.

5) The Aristocrat - $8.3 Million

Doomsday bunkers might sound all doom and gloom but it doesn't mean they have to emulate it too depending on your budget. You could easily buy the aristocrat rising s bunkers have every kind of bunker for every kind of situation including safe rooms bomb shelters storm shelters and blast doors. Their mini bunker measures 8 by 12 and retails for thirty-five thousand five hundred dollars the mini bunker comes standard with an air filtration system bunk bed alcohol burning stove sink and shelving. There's a shower composting toilet and TV DVD player and of course you can add more options to suit the requirements of your family's needs the creme de la creme is their aristocrat for 8.3 million dollars. You can sleep more than 50 people comfortably the master bedrooms have queen beds and personal bathrooms with showers custom kitchens with stoves double sinks custom cabinets fridges and freezers. There's a fitness center a sauna warm tub and a swimming pool there's a games room with billiard tables a bowling alley media room and cinema gun range and a huge family and dining room. It comes standard with a greenhouse with LED grow lights and irrigation a workshop, garages and extra storage some might feel. It's a small price to pay for the added benefit of staying alive and a Lexus if living underground doesn't sound optimistically bright to you then you can keep saving and invest in some above-ground real estate check out our top 10 most expensive homes in 2020.

4) Luxury Underground Doomsday Bunker - $17.5 Million

10 INCREDIBLE and Amazing Survival Bunkers Rich People Invest In

Think of any kind of disaster that could happen and this underground bunker has you covered chemical attacks safe asteroid safe nuclear explosion safe zombies safe its location is undisclosed. But we know it's somewhere in Tifton Georgia it's two stories with 12 bedrooms and has all the amenities. You would expect after shelling out 17 points five million dollars there's a library computer room home theater conference room workshop and recreation. You'll stay connected with DSL technology decontamination showers come standard along with solar backup power secure air intake and state of the art water systems and lectures. If you'd like to take a crack at building your own survival bunker here's a few tips most people opt for converting a shipping container into a shelter and that's great just remember. They're only reinforced on the corners so if you don't reinforce the top or sides they won't handle a car or heavy vehicle driving over it your foundation hole needs to be 2 feet deeper than the container and the i-beams will work well to support the roof don't forget to install air vents and camouflage, the shelter by placing topsoil and grass above the ground bring in your food beds and whatever else you need at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

3) The Survival Condo Project - $20 Million

Let's quickly list three things needed for survival a pool cinema and a bar yep those are three of the survival features. You'll find inside the survival condo project when you head to this property located somewhere in Wichita Kansas you'll find a simple cabin home but don't let looks deceive you. Because underneath the closet door is where you'll find the secret door to Narnia, I mean the survival condo purchased by larry hall in 2008 this unusual missile silo cost three hundred thousand dollars a 2,000-pound, blast-proof steel door takes you into 2,000 square feet of luxury hall spent a further twenty million dollars. Designing the silo to accommodate the world's wealthiest 55 people have allegedly bought into the silo but their names remain top-secret one buyer was said to have filmed the view from her Manhattan loft over 12 months. So that should she need to enter the underground bunker she would have the same image screened in her private apartment inside our gardens with fresh fruit and vegetables grown with the help of grow lamps and hydroponics. There's enough food to last each person five years you can buy a penthouse for 4.5 million dollars a full floor for three million dollars, and a half a floor for 1.5 included in the price is Internet access survival training a jacuzzi designer kitchen and master bedroom with opulent on Suites you know the regular home away from home, feel the shared spaces include a library climbing wall swimming pool complete with a slide shooting range cinema a video arcade and a bar.

2) The Oppidum - $-----Unknown

This underground Haven has been dubbed the largest billionaire bunker in the world and mums the word with what's on the inside even heading on to. Their website requires you to have a secret password located in the Czech Republic the oppidum sprawls across 77584 one owner but who that owner is unclear Czech entrepreneur Jakob Sam Russell was the brain behind this survival palace. And the last update was that there were several interested parties in the property there's an underground garden with simulated lighting Jacuzzi swimming pool gym spa cinema games room bar and beautiful bedrooms. Bathrooms with rainfall showers and living spaces you'll remain connected to the outside world with state-of-the-art communication systems and there are fingerprint recognition and video surveillance a spokesperson confirmed a person could survive ten years inside the bunker if necessary.

1) Vivos Europa - $1 Billion Replacement Value

We mentioned Robert visi neo earlier and he's developed an underground shelter that has been described as an underground cruise ship for the rich he's allegedly insured the bunker for 1 billion dollars to purchase into the Vivos Sirocco 1.

You need to receive a special invitation each family will have 2,500 square feet of floor space and they choose their own contractor architect and designer to complete their living space each apartment costs 2.2 million dollars. And there's room for up to 10,000 people inside situated in Rosenstein Germany this converted former Cold War bunker is said to be one of the most fortified. It can survive earthquake-tsunami chemical warfare and apocalypse thermonuclear war and even a direct plane crash inside our top-of-the-range. 

Amenities like theaters gyms swimming pool restaurants a bar microbrewery a chapel and fish tanks there was talk of a small zoo as well as a DNA and Seed Vault the company is said to be working on their largest shelter yet. One that will spread across 3 million square feet and include an underground lake golf course and a baseball field and with all this said a lack sirs that's a wrap but before you go we're curious would you consider heading underground and living in a bunker for months to survive any unplanned misfortune that happens above ground. 

What would be your number-one coping mechanism let us know in the comments and of course, for sticking with us until the end here's that bonus you so deserve if you're not keen to purchase permanent underground space. you could consider staying at Arizona's deepest darkest quietest hotel room at around $800 a night the Grand Canyon's caverns suite is 220 feet underground has a library with national Geographics from 1917. 
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