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So our top tips for applying for a UK VISIT VISA from Pakistan and India, visit visa are number one remember that you might not get an appointment to submit your application at the vac the same day or the next day. Our commitment there is that you will be able to book an appointment at the visa application center within five working days. Number two the 15 working days start from when you submit your application at the visa application center that is day 1 and remember it's working days, public holidays are not counted don't wait until the last minute to make your application do plan ahead remember you.

Can apply for a UK visit visa up to three months in advance of your intended travel date also if you intend to travel to the UK again following your. First visit let us know that in your application form we can post date a visa so that it starts, and is valid from up to three months after you apply for, it so the visa application form asks specific questions it will also ask for a declaration at the end to be signed. That the information provided is accurate and correct that's the applicants responsibility. If agents or third parties are providing digital assistance to people who want to apply for a UK visa. I do advise that they make sure that the information is provided directly from the visa applicant and that they declare that. It is correct one of our top tips discussed recently. at the outreach sessions was the advice that visa applicants should provide their own personal contact details on the form that includes email addresses and phone numbers. That's actually because UK VISA may well contact individual applicants, during the visa application process and we do this using information that is supplied on the application form. it's also how customers are told and get notified that their passports are ready for collection back at the back and so it's really important to put the correct information. On to make sure that the email address you note on the form is spelled correctly, and that it will go directly to the applicant for example apo. I won't be held responsible for messages that have gone to third parties. where their information and contact details has been supplied on the form, and where that message has not then been passed on to the applicant all applicants should fill the visa application form in honestly and provide us with accurate information.

  • UK Visit Visa From Pakistan Requirements

Visit the UK government site for visas and migration in Pakistan and apply for a visa online at Access UK (connect is given beneath) 

- Original identification with in any event a half year legitimacy and must have one clear page. 

- Copies of all old/terminated identifications. 

- 1 photograph duplicate of the first page of the present identification 

- Photo Copy of Nadra gave CNIC 

- 2 current photographs, not over half year old according to UKBA measures 

- Evidence of courses of action made. For example, visit subtleties/flight subtleties/letter of 

greeting/proof of patrons migration status in the UK 

- Letter of your business, which ought to incorporate your pay, position, date enlisted, and the endorsed leaves dates ought to be referenced unmistakably. On the off chance that you are reliant (House spouse, understudy or youngster) than give the proof of husband or father's work. 

- Evidence of the work and all salary expressed on application structure. For example, letter from boss/pay slips/expense forms/business enrollment archives/business financial balance proclamations 

- Evidence of being in training (where relevant) 

- Evidence of capabilities acquired 

- Evidence of the month to month pay expressed on application structure. For example, Bank articulations/bank books/bank letter/balance endorsement/expense forms/crop receipts 

- Evidence of capacity to meet expenses of outing, as expressed on application structure. For example, The bank articulations of the individual paying for the outing .

- Evidence of advantages like property or land. For example, Property deed/contract proclamations/occupancy understandings/bookkeeper's letters/land enlistment reports travel booking affirmation/trip specialist affirmation/support convenience subtleties.

- Evidence of your conjugal status, for example, marriage authentication/common     association declaration/separate from testament/passing endorsement. 

- Any other documentation. For example, proof of any correspondence/TB authentication 

Children under age of 16 who are voyaging alone should give assent of the two guardians. On the off chance that there is a minor with subject of guardianship request, proof of authority and the other parent's assent should likewise be given. In the event that just one parent is going with a minor youngster, a letter of assent from the other parent permitting the kid to travel is required. 

- Nadra Marriage structure in English.

- Bank Statement of 6 month. 

- Air ticket reservation Print out.

- Hotel Reservation.

Proof of plans made for example, visit subtleties flight subtleties letter of greeting proof of supporters movement status in the UK Letter of your work, which ought to incorporate your pay- position- date procured, and the affirmed leaves dates ought to be referenced plainly.

If you have all these papers then you will definitely granted your visa, and if you like this information, be sure to share this post.
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