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The top 10 most expensive restaurants welcome to Hellomanhoos.com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired. We'd like to invite you on a culinary journey that will have your taste buds on overdrive where you can imagine the delicious aromas that would filter from these exclusive. Kitchens where every bite is a masterpiece and you'll enjoy an unforgettable fine dining experience.

10) Our Ogawa Tokyo.

Number 10 our Ogawa Tokyo 370 dollars a person believed to be the most famous Kobe beef restaurant in Japan. Our Ogawa has been serving sublime steaks since 1956, the restaurant is in an unassuming and quiet part of Tokyo and the decor won't leave you. Overwhelmed perhaps a good thing so you can focus on the melt in your mouth steak, you'll be feasting on the founder chef Jiro Yamada passed away in 2011, and his sons took over the business as head chef and restaurant manager. Their specialty is Sante beef which is a variety of Kobe beef Kobe is the region the cattle are from and it's a recognized Wagyu brand. Wagyu means Japanese beef this beef is costly, because there are only a few farmers. Who produce less than 1,000 cattle a year in comparison around 3,000 Kobe beef are raised each year. Wagyu cattle farmers follow stringent rules and guidelines to have their beef receive the Wagyu. Clearance young cattle are fed by hand and when it's cold they wear sweaters with only 10 tables in the restaurant. Bookings are essential the steak has been described as surreal once in a lifetime and the best. 

9) Guy Savoy Paris and Las Vegas

I've ever tasted number 9 Guy Savoy Paris & Las Vegas 385$ per person seduction is not usually a word. You would associate with food but viewing the website Fergie Savoy, it's the only way to describe the food and culinary experience. You'll get booking a table at one of these two restaurants one is in manator. Perry and the other in Las Vegas gee Savoy is the owner of the restaurants, and he was born in France. He spends a few weeks a year at the Las Vegas restaurant, but his son runs it in his absence Savoy alternates his French chefs to ensure. That the expectation and quality remain the same Gordon Ramsay received his training, from ghee and called him a culinary mentor Savoy won numerous awards for his gastronomic. Input his Las Vegas restaurant received two Michelin stars the Forbes five star award, the triple a Five Diamond Award and the Wine Spectator Grand Award. He's won the French influence award for gastronomy and his paris restaurant has received three Michelin stars. It's been ranked as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world in 2004 and 2005. Savoy stepped out of his comfort zone in 2007.

8) Hotel de ville Switzerland

Number eight restaurants a hotel de ville Switzerland 415 dollars per person on the outskirts of Luo San. In Switzerland Benjamin Garrard had opened a small restaurant. He ran the establishment from 1955, until his passing in 1965 his son Freddie a trained typographer took over the restaurant. And eventually the kitchen typography and cooking are worlds apart but Freddie, said he had an epiphany while dining at twogo Strether's in Rome. 

He said he just knew he needed to create delicacies for people to enjoy. He had a golden rule and that was to never use more than, three flavors on a plate it's a rule that's been followed by every succeeding chef since being called the chef of the century. It's no small feat and he's left an incredible mark on the culinary world the restaurant, only uses local vegetables and game from hunters reviews, from guests have used words such as perfection exceptional at every level and from another planet.

7) Maison Peak valence France

Number seven maison peak valence France four hundred and forty five dollars per person. It's been in the family since 1889, it wasn't always a grande Michelin 3 star affair but began as a simple country in named cafe restaurant. A pen by sophie peak her husband Eugene hunted so they specialized in game, under their son Andre peak they received their three Michelin stars in 1939. Andre son Jacques wasn't keen on being a chef but when his dad lost their third star in 1946, and their second star in 1950 he decided to change his career path and earn the stars back which he managed to do. They held on to that rating until 1995 three years after Jacques, step his daughter Sophie took over the restaurant from her brother and regained the lost star in 2007. She's the only female chef in France to have three Michelin stars. Jacques created the first tasting menu which has been used worldwide since heading to may soul peak takes. You on an appetizing journey to the past with modern twists on classic dishes spend the night at the five star hotel, hotel Maison Peak to have the ultimate luxurious experience.

6) Kyoto kitcho Arashiyama Kyoto Japan.

Number six Kyoto keto arashiyama Kyoto Japan four hundred and fifty dollars per person the idea of Kyoto Chucho began back in 1925. When founder Yuki Taichi found some Chi sake cuisine menus, and was inspired to gain his own restaurant Keisuke is the traditional multi-course Japanese. Dinner he opened Oh Tia decor okey ciao back in 1939, but Kyoto keto arashiyama as we know it today opened in 1948. All your senses will be indulged when you sit down on the floor, mat for your 10 course menu the views of the garden are beautiful and they change with every season so every time you go there. You'll encounter a change in the landscape and scenery the dining experience, is roughly three hours from start to finish and there are many elements to it other than just the food. It's a bit theatrical artistic and the part historical with interesting stories and fact,about the past and the origins of the dish many feel.Its shame to ruin the artistic display of the food by eating it the executive. Chef kyoku Alka Cunha the grandson of Yuki Taichi in 2016. he was appointed as international ambassador for my Prefecture foods an area of Japan that specializes in ice a lobster.

 5) Le Maurice Paris France.

480$ per person opulent is the first thing that springs to mind. When you first see this gorgeous restaurant decked with crystal chandeliers marble antique mirrors and beautiful paintings. You can only imagine the heavily meal that's headed your way the restaurant is in lai Maurice. One of  the most beautiful hotels in Paris which stood since 1815. Many notable figures have stayed there including Salvador, Dali Elizabeth Taylor and Ginger Rogers as well as Kings Sultan's, and other prominent figures the restaurant has sweeping views of the Tuileries garden. And is currently run by Jocelyn Harland who credits Alain Ducasse for the opportunity. It's a to michelin-starred restaurant serving the freshest ingredients on handmade crockery and ensuring that your every culinary need is met to sheer perfection.

4) Massa New York City.

Number four Massa New York City five hundred and ninety five dollars per person this is one of the most expensive restaurants in New York City. And you need to book far in advance as there's only 26 seats inside. its situated in the Time Warner Center and its decor is simple, so you're not distracted from your gastronomic journey, there is no menu so you need to trust that masa will deliver on his promise of the most sublime flavors. Chef  masa or Masayoshi Takayama always had a love of food his family had a fish market and as a child. He would deliver fresh sashimi to neighbors on his bicycle when he was in high school. He catered for weddings and he apprenticed under Sugiyama toshiaki renowned as a sushi master. If you're fortunate enough to dine here notice that the sushi counter is a solid piece of Hinoki, hinoki is a prized piece of wood taken from a cypress tree in Japan the wood is considered to be sacred, and has a lemon scent to it every day the counter is sanded to create a soft porous state. Which is both pleasing to look at and feel and the best place to sit is at the bar so you can see the master at work.

3) Ultra violet Shanghai China.

Number 3 ultra violet Shanghai China 600 to 900 dollars per person.Turbulent unpredictable and unconventional those are just some of the words used by the creator and chef of ultra violet the first multi-sensory dining experience in the world. Paul pair a an savant grade. French chef took 16 years to make his dream a reality with three Michelin stars under his belt ultra violet has been offering. This surreal experience since 2012 there's only one table in the restaurant which seats 10 people, you'll be served 22 courses plus drinks to match each one diners meet at one location mr. and mrs. Bund also owned by puree and enjoy a cocktail and a snack. They then embark on a ride to an undisclosed location in a van they can't see, out of once there they head into the dining room with stark white walls and your name illuminated on your seat, then the show begins the room is transformed by lights sounds and sense. You're transported to different scenes throughout the evening the ratio of staff to guests is two and a half to one so your every need is catered to.

2) Per Se New York.

Number 2 per se New York six hundred and eighty five dollars per person at a young age Thomas Keller was told that food was a way of nurturing people. It fueled his desire to become a chef he's owned several restaurants in the past, but per se became his creme de la creme it overlooks Central Park. And the whole experience was over-the-top and elaborate diners could choose from four different salts, to pair with their dishes the restaurant quickly earned three Michelin star status and was named the best restaurant in New York City back in 2011. Keller was able to take out cuisine and inject an element of playfulness and personality into, it and the menu would change depending on the freshest ingredients that were available at the time in 2016. Restaurant received a scathing review from critic Pete Wells claiming it was dull and just not worth the money many debates have cropped up questioning the value of these types of restaurants. Which take hours and cost a fortune whereas younger chefs are making equally delicious food in fantastic locations, at a fraction of the cost Keller did apologize to patrons and is using the review as a learning curve and continues to WoW his guests with delicious food and enticing flavor combinations.

1) Sublimation Ibiza Spain

Number one sublimation ibiza Spain two thousand three hundred and eighty dollars per person inside the Hard Rock Hotel on the Spanish island of Ibiza. there's a restaurant that's almost like the adult version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory accept all of your senses. will be overloaded the owner and head chef is Paco Don cero who opened the restaurant back in 2014, you'll be dining with eleven others inside the capsule the capsule is a blank canvas. 

Which transforms into various magical experiences the audiovisual experience was created by illusionists engineers and screenwriters and there's a musical menu to, watch with each course being served with a choreographed number you'll enjoy three hours of adventures as you head off into space go to the depths of the ocean. 

Enjoy a cabaret in the 20th century and dine with friends in the future during the evening diners are given VR headsets which takes them into a fantasy world while music is provided by award-winning composers and popular at bisa DJ's dining. At sublimation is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity you will once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you will that's a wrap on the top 10 most expensive restaurants a loxer, are you hungry yet before you go were curious have you dined at any of these exclusive expensive restaurants. 

Which ones and if not which would be at the top of your list to try first let us know in the comments and for sticking with us until the end of course here's your bonus. If you're a fan of animated films then you would have seen ratatouille the movie features a German sous chef named Horst in the English version Horst was voiced by will our but in the French version. it was voiced by GISA voi who truly stepped out of his comfort zone as a chef. And restaurant owner to become a voice-over artist as chef Auguste Cousteau says anyone can cook but only the fearless can be great thank you for spending some time with us.
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