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Hello friends, as you know we eat fruit every day and most people's favorite fruit, is mango and, by the way, you guys must have eaten fruits but in today's post I will tell you some such fruits of the world which you have never seen before.

(10) Pineberry.

Friends, you must have eaten Starbury and the normal Starbury is red color and they have white seeds but the color of pineberry is white. And they have red seeds and they are like pineapple and so they are called pineberry, this unique Starbury is made by putting the beech berry into the common berry. It was first released in 2010 and these berries are grown in Chile and Virginia, and this fruit is really amazing and rare.

(9) Blood Limes.

Friends, you must have used a limo, but today I am telling you this limo, it is very amazing. The color of this lemon is red and the color of the normal lemon is yellow and white on the inside and it is hard to eat. But the blood lime is very similar to other Lemons and it is found in Australia. The most important thing about it is that it is very sweet with red inside, and this lemon was started selling in 2004. And the most strange thing about it is that it is eaten only with peels, and the blood limes plant is available only in some nurseries in Australia, and it is very rare as well as rare.

(8) Tuna.

Friends, you might have eaten a tuna fish but in Mexico, there is no tuna fish but a fruit, this fruit is placed on top of the cactus pod and is also called prickly pear. This fruit very is common in Mexico and is commonly sold in markets. It is cut and eaten from the inside, it is used to make the sweet products, and its dish is sweet and creamy, this initiative is cultivated with a lot of varietals in summer.

(7) Dragon Fruit.

Friends Dragon Fruit is also called Pattaya and, by the way, it is grown in Malaysia and Vietnam. But it sells heavily in Central and South America, It is called a dragon simply because of its skin color because it is like a dragon. This fruit is so creamy from the inside that it is fun to see. It is cut and eaten with a spoon and its dessert is sweet and juicy, and I think this initiative is really amazing.

(6) Yellow Watermelon.

Friends, you may not have seen any such watermelon, before this. You must have heard and seen blue watermelons on the internet but with the revelation that it was not true, it was a fake. In 2011, he edited this blue watermelon photo on Adobe and went viral. But it is found in yellow watermelons and it is real, and it is found in West Africa and this watermelon only changes in color. The taste is similar to that of normal watermen and it is absolutely unusual to see looks like because we only see normal red watermelon and it is very amazing.

(5) Kiwano.

Friends Kiwano is the fruit of Central and South Africa but it is more popular in Australia and New Zealand than most. And it is also called Horned Fairs and the juiciest fruits of the world are one of, its interior consists of jelly and seeds and the inner part is of a tall green or yellow collar. Kiwano has a flavor like cucumber and It is eaten in seeds as well. And this cocktail is used to make juices and it is also called delicious fruit.

(4) Jack Fruit.

Friends, Jack fruit is the biggest fruit in the world and you won't believe it weighs up to 35 kg. And it is found in every tropical forest of the world and its fruit Appearance is very unique. Its skin is smooth on yellow and green dots and has a very sweet flavor, and this fruit hold taste in apple, pineapple, banana, and mango flavors, and Jack fruit is also eaten directly and can be shaken and drunk.

(3) Hala.

Friends Halla Fruit is found in Australia, Hawaii, and the island close to it, And the shape of this initiative is very unique. This fruit looks like the planet looks like Exploded has been done, or it looks like a Pokémon and the fruit is naturally formed which is hard on a small stick. By the way
Just like the mixer of mango and like sugar cane and it is used to paste more.

(2) Durian.

Friends Durian is a big size fruit that has a yellow color and it is found in South East Asia, it is a famous fruit in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. You will be surprised to know that this fruit smells bad from above and its smell is so dirty that it has been ban into public transport. As smelly as it is from outside It is as much as it is yummy and creamy from the inside, it tastes like custard of almond and it is really unique.

(1) Ackee.

Friends, Ackee is a West African fruit but it is very popular in Jamaica country and this is also the national fruit of this country. Surprisingly, this fruit is very dangerous because eating it straight makes a person sick and his death also happens. There is a poison inside it which is also called hypoglossal, inside it, there is poison in black seeds it happens. This fruit can be eaten after these seeds are released, its taste is like butter and cream, Jamaican country people like this fruit so much that their national dish is also made from it.

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