Preparations for lockdown on March 21, 2020, have been started Punjab Deputy Commissioner directs all five Assistant Commissioners to prepare on an emergency basis According to details, lockdown preparations have been started in Lahore, the capital of Punjab.

It is reported that DC Lahore has directed all the Assistant Commissioners of the city to take emergency measures to prepare for the lockdown. According to media reports, the government has directed the Deputy Commissioners of all the districts of Punjab to prepare for a possible lockdown. Then again Chief Minister Usman Bazdar spoke to individuals to remain in their homes for the following two days.

He said that shopping malls and tourist places will be closed from 9am to 9am on Tuesday, while medical stores and grocery stores will remain open. Corona is an outbreak that and And we have to protect ourselves and our families from it can be overcome by keeping social much distance, he said at a press conference on Saturday. This is the best way and with that, we tell others to protect Corona. He appealed to the people to stay in the houses for the next two days and Shopping malls will also be closed for the next two days. Shopping malls and tourist locations will be closed tonight from 9am to 9am on Tuesday.

However, medical stores and grocery stores will be open to the needs of the masses, Bakery, milk shops and other food and vegetable market stores will be open. He said that public transport was not being closed in Punjab, but if shops were being closed without reason at any place after the notification was issued no shops would be closed without any reason.

On this occasion, Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that Mayo Hospital has the best treatment facilities. No patient in the hospital is in critical condition, In hospitals, Corona patients are set 500 yards away from other patients, so as not to cause an outbreak. Then again, Assistant Special Health Officer Dr. Zafar Mirza said at the press conference that an ordnance committee was constituted yesterday. The committee will monitor the status of the Coronavirus. There should be central coordination of data regarding Corona. Coronavirus data is being collected in one place, he said. Relations between the federal and the provinces are being strengthened. Coronavirus is reported in 186 countries worldwide. 

So far 1.5 million people have been screened in Pakistan. This led to 4,446 suspected cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan. There are 534 cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan, Dr. Zafar Mirza said that the flight operation has been closed for two weeks from 8pm tonight and Only those PIA flights that have already been out will return by tomorrow morning, the government has taken this difficult decision. Cargo ships and diplomats will be exempted from this ban. The Prime Minister and the Foreign Ministry have issued instructions to all embassies abroad to inform the people of the situation. If you want to make yourself and your family members aware of this, share this post as much as you can and let your friends know.
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