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The month of Ramadan is very blessed and it is also the chief of the months. Fasting is the third largest member of Islam. 

Whoever fasts one day for the pleasure of Allah, Allah will remove him from Hell as a well who starts to fly from his childhood until he gets old and dies.

Fasting is called saiyam in Arabic, which means to stop or to be patient When a Muslim is fasting, he avoids eating and drinking all day long Fasting is not just a name for abstaining from eating and drinking Rather, it is the fasting of all the organs of the fasting body There are many virtues of Ramadan fasting in the hadeeth pak, Fasting is a shield that will protect us from the fire of hell.
Fasting is a secret between Allah and His servant, which only His Lord knows Our dear Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that fasting is zakat in the body, fasting is done in all the countries where Muslims are settled and many people go to pay Umrah during the fast.

And this year we will fast in 2020 because we, the people of our family, are Muslims ourselves And fasting is a healing for any human being We have been told that when you fast in the morning, you should pray because Allah has placed health in it. Allah has set things in Ramadan that have not been given to anyone before When a person is fasting, he smells from his stomach, then God loves him more than this smell.

Man should always go on thinking that God is everywhere and that he is capable of everything and should always honor his parents, because they are persons whom after leaving, we will have no prayer.

Secondly, when the month of Ramadan comes, the devils are shut down, And thirdly, as long as the one who is fasting, the angels continue to ask forgiveness for it. And fourth, when the last night of the month Siam comes, all its sins are forgiven, we should always be thankful to Allah who has given us such a blessed month.

The last thing I will say is that we should always do good deeds and pray 5 times because friends life is too short to avoid it. Since every human has to taste death, save himself and all his Muslim brothers and sisters from the fire of hell.

So let's promise this time all together that this time we will pray all the fasting and five times of the month of Saiyam and will also read the Taraweeh because that will work in our future.
Whatever the heat this time, but we will fast, because Allah has to keep secrets and 
whoever secrets Allah has achieved success in both the Hereafter and this world.
In Sha ALLAH, by the grace of Allah even if the fast comes in the summer, then the reward will be even greater. We must try and he gives success.

Pray that this time of the month of Ramadan, we should also perform Umrah and see Allah and His Messenger's house blessed. AMEEN

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