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Hi friends welcome to my Blog today we are talking about Mehndi Desgn and specifically what is mehndi, henna is the English name used for the plant called lawsonia inermis the term, mehndi is also used to describe the dye from this plant even if you don't know specific details about Mehndi.

I'm sure you all have seen that when mehndi is applied to the skin, it leaves an orange to a deep brown burgundy stain, this is as a result of the dye which comes from the henna plant attaching itself to the top layer of the skin so for the purposes of this post when.

I say mehndi I mean the dye that comes from the henna plant now that we know what mehndi is we need to distinguish between natural mehndi design, and chemical mehndi natural henna, refers to a paste made use in the lawsonia in nervous plant and natural ingredients such as lemon juice tea coffee and essential oils chemical.

Mehndi on the other hand is a paste made using the lawsonia ermines plant plus unnatural chemicals to help preserve the mehndi paste, and to force a dye out of the paste and onto the skin much more quickly, chemicals to help preserve the mehndi paste and to force a dye out quicker onto the skin might sound like positives, but it can be very damaging to our health which is why natural mehndi artists are often strictly opposed to it.

The second distinction which we need to make is between a paste, which has mehndi in it and a product called henna but which has no mehndi in it whatsoever a pace which produces a stain ranging from orange to a deep brown or burgundy color is mehndi. 

This therefore includes both natural mehndi and chemical henna the difference being that chemical mehndi is far more likely to harm your health and is not recommended if a paste stains your skin any other colour then it is either not henna for example like mehndi design.

Mehndi dangerous for example black mehndi and therefore should be avoided at all costs further, if a product sits on top of your skin but does not stain it then again.

It is not mehndi colors examples include glitter henna cones and white mehndi also known as white body art paint so now that we hopefully understand.
What mehndi is the next question is where can we get the mehndi from now I'm specifically talking about natural mehndi and chemical mehndi, starting with chemical henna and all so I would highly recommend that you do not purchase chemical mehndi.

I also understand that natural mehndi is the more expensive option as someone who has not always been able to afford simple things which others may take for granted.
I can understand if you choose the cheaper option at least in the beginning, i will just say to try and keep it safe by doing test patch on your skin at least 48 hours before using any new product on your skin Chemical mehndi.

Is pretty easy to find and can be purchased from your local Pakistani store or even Amazon common brands include me Hulk and  the Dylan cones these are ready made cones which can be used immediately, you can also buy henna powder to make your own mehndi paste from brands, such as Dylan but the powders are unlikely to be pure mehndi design.

I'm not going to go into detail as to why i say this because otherwise the post will become too long so I'll try and do a separate post on that again. 
I do not recommend buying  chemical mehndi but if your circumstances do not allow you to buy the natural stuff then, i guess you got to do what you got to do now for the natural stuff natural mehndi in ready made cone form is best purchase from a mehndi artist.

Who makes their own cone and uses their own cone on clients in other words a natural mehndi artist when it comes down to it a natural henna artist should be able to tell you every ingredient which they have included in their cones, if they're not able to do this then buy a cone at your own risk because one of the points behind natural mehndi having such a high status compared to chemical mehndi
is that each ingredient is not just safe,
but can be spelled out therefore allowing you the consumer to identify.  If  you are allergic to any of the ingredients if that wasn't possible then the so-called natural.
Hello would be just as bad as the chemical henna  because you don't know what each of them contains there are many natural mehndi artists out there who sell their cones some of them have their own website to sell from such as mehndi by a freezer and others solely use Instagram.

Here is a list of some of the sellers which I had found I will add other natural mehndi cone sellers in the Inbox so if  you sell your natural mehndi cones please message me and I will add you to the list or simply leave your contacts in the comments below, as well as buying pre-made natural mehndi cones.

You can also make your own certain brands are known for their high quality mehndi powder and the stain it produces these powder,
and the stain it produces these include Zubaida and Pakistani mehndi powders when you purchase these powders you are strictly only purchasing the powder of the mehndi.
Plant in other words your henna powder will not be mixed with other chemicals mehndi powders that you buy from your local Pakistani store.

However may be mixed with other chemicals so that's it for this post it's meant to be a very basic introduction for those, who are brand new to mehndi if you have any questions please leave them below and also let me know what other post you, 
would like to see me do I hope you guys have a wonderful day thank you for reading and I will see you next time ALLAH Hafiz.
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