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Hello friends like you know, you must have seen a lot of snake in the world but what I am going to see you today is the snakes are the amazing snakes of the world. Because you have never seen such snakes before  if you like this post, please share it with your friends so we start.

10) Red Spitting Cobra.

Seeing this snake for the first time, it looks very unique and beautiful and it looks like it is a fake snake and it has been coloured but this snake is very rare and dangerous. When this red cobra feels threatened by a human, it throws its poison at it and its target is human eyes. The entire body of this cobra is of red colour and apart from this some breeds also have orange colour, and this snake is found in East Africa and it is up to 5 feet in size. this is really amazing and unique cobra.

9) Rainbow Boa.

Friends, Boa is one of the most beautiful and colorful snakes of the world, when this snake goes in the sun, its color changes. And this snake is found in the jungles of South Africa this snake is very big in size, Its length is more than 6 feet and its dose is rabbits mouse and other wild things even They actually eat frogs too, and it kills the victim with full power and then feeds them. And this snake takes 10 days to digest its food, this snake is very attractive and beautiful in the world.

8) Spiny Bush Viper.

Friends, this snake you are seeing, it looks like a dragon because of its unique body And it has bushes all over the body and because of which it looks very fearsome. This santle is found in the rain forests of Africa and hides in the leaves and branches of trees, this snake occurs in different colors such as blue brown and also occurs in green and it grows 2 to 3 feet in size and this snake is very poisonous. If a snake bites a human, then it can be instantly killed, because its poison causes internal bleeding to start in the body.

7) Paradise Flying Snake.

Friends are definitely on the same creatures in the world capable of flying, but this snake flies without wings. In fact, it does zig zag sliding, in fact the way it flies is like a glitter, Who goes to full height of the trees and throws himself with full power and then swinging the wind blows like a glator, and even changes his direction during his flying paradise flying snake found in South East Asia.
And the fun thing is it is that the poison in this snake does not cause any harm to humans and this snake is really impressive.

6) California Red Sided Garter.

Friends, the snake you are seeing is the most colorful and beautiful snake of the world It has 3 strips of blue color on its body with black and red spots in the center. This colorful body makes it very unique and amazing and the length of this snake is up to 21 inches, As its name suggests, it is found in the city of California USA. This snake are close to the water and eat fish and other animals this snake is very beautiful and amazing.

5) Blue Coral Snake.

Friends This snake looks very attractive because of its bright color, and this snake lives in fallen branches of trees, this snake is found on the island of South East Asia. And as beautiful as this snake is, its poison is as dangerous Its natural poison is very poisonous. The amazing thing about this snake is that it hunts poisonous snakes and eats them. Because of which its poison gets more toxic because of which the snake's poison is straight Affects the brain Because of which human death also happens.

4) Saharan Horned Viper.

Friends, this amazing snake you are seeing has horns on both its eyes because of these two, this snake looks even more dangerous. This snake is more of South Africa Is found in sahras apart from this, it is also found in places with Middle East stones. Normally these snakes only grow from 2 to 3 feet, this snake hunting method is very unique amazing and unbleivble. This snake hunting of many animals, such as mouse and lezard, When it has to hunt, it hides its entire body in sand. Even your own face Hides in sand then as soon as a lizard or mouse passes by there, it Hunts him within seconds and this snake is truly amazing.

3) Leaf Nosed Snake.

Friends, when you see this snake for the first time, it doesn't seem like a snake because its face is completely changed and its face is like the trees of the branches. Its unique face helps it hide itself in the vegetable and the point of this is that it would happen in 2 colors, Its upper part is brown and it contains yellow. Leaf nosecond snack size is more than 5 feet and this snake is found mostly in Madagascar country, and the poison of this snake is not poisonous at all to humans.

2)  Barbados Thread Snake.

Friends, the snake you are seeing is the smallest snake in the world and this snake is only found in Barbados Country This snake has been discovered recently, first of all The snake was seen it was only 1 inch and then many searched for more snakes found that these snakes only grow from 3 to 4 inches only, but friends this snake are realy amazing and unblievble.

1) Hog Nosed Snake.

Friends This snake is named because of its strange nose This snake dry clay lives on pine trees and grassy areas. They are mostly found in South America and Northern Canada  The dose of this snake is small memals and lizards. Poison of this snake is not poisonous to humans but pain is sure and this snake's unique thing is its Acting happens. When a person gets close to it, he attacks it like a cobra when looking at this snake, there is no run it turns itself upside down. As it seems Like this snake is dead It only acts to die, as soon as it comes to know that the danger is over, then it runs straight away. This Snack is Realy Amazing i hope you are enjoy my post please share my post our friends.
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